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A Night Fit for Queens

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my boo, but sometimes he and I both need time to do hoodrat things with our friends. Yes I know, hoodrat things are more my speed, but you get what I’m saying.

Whether you’re in a relationship or playing the field, it’s easy to forget to balance boo lovin’ with ladies’ time. Before cuffing season leads to everybody being tied down with a significant other for the fall, why not take time to schedule a Queens’ Night for you and your besties?

I’ve put together an itinerary I plan on sharing with my girlfriends in the next week, and you get a sneak peek. Let me preface this list by saying, you may want your bugaboo to fund your night out. After all, a Queen shouldn’t have to pay for anything … for at least one night, anyway.

Aerin Spruill

Wave to the peasants in a horse-drawn carriage.
When the clock strikes midnight, your fairy tale may end. So that means go hard or go home, right? Reserve a horse-drawn carriage to take you and your girls around the city. Maybe you think it’s chintzy, but personally, I’ve always wanted to take a ride at least once and I’ve been in the Q.C. for over seven years. What’s the harm in treating yourself to an Uber of royal proportions? If you’re lucky, you may even be able to finagle your way into a group discount for a luxurious 40-minute ride with Charlotte Center City Carriage Tours.

Make a reservation at an elevated restaurant.
A queen doesn’t only feast on a delicious meal twice a year, and she shouldn’t have to settle for a burger on a night like this. That’s why you should take a page from my book and make a reservation at a restaurant you may not be able to afford in between paychecks. If you’re like me and don’t want to be limited to one type of cuisine, Angeline’s may be just the place you should head next. I’d describe their menu as the love child of a Southern belle and an Italian stallion. I’d suggest grabbing a few apps and a couple pasta dishes. When the check comes, split that thang across the group; even Queens understand that sharing is caring when it comes to money (unless, of course, your boo came through).

Enjoy views of the city while sipping on a cocktail.
A beautiful rooftop bar with views of the skyline is not hard to find in the Charlotte nightlife scene. The only question a Queen should be asking at this point in the night is which one she wants to go to. If convenience is the name of your game, I’d leave Angeline’s and tiptoe in those heels right next door to Merchant & Trade. Breathe in the aromas of the city from a rooftop throne while sipping on a 24 Karat, a cocktail benefiting Jeff Gordon’s Children’s Foundation that’s available through September 30. Nothing says “Fit for a Queen” like gold flakes and a good cause.

Vibe to the soulful sounds of jazz.
There was a time when I was starved for jazz living in the Queen City. The most popular suggestion I would receive when I inquired was Blue Restaurant & Bar. To my dismay, there was no jazz to be had when I visited — and now, of course, it’s closed. Yes, there were others, but nothing quite like The Imperial once that opened on North College Street. Live jazz with a speakeasy mood and a rooftop patio? You’re bound to feel like you’ve stepped into an elite secret — even if everyone knows about it. If I were you, I’d pass on the 166-ounce mule (yes, it’s for sharing) and grab the magical and dreamy Galaxy martini.

A true queen may stop at two or three cocktails, but my girls and I can quickly transition between queen and boughetto (high maintenance with a touch of street cred). After we’ve lived the good life, it’ll be time to return to our roots and dance the night away. We all know it’s hard to find the perfect balance for being a Queen and shameless twerking in the Queen City, but I’ll place my bets on QC Social Lounge right next door. If you’ve ever driven by on a Friday night, you’ll see firsthand that, even though everyone’s dressed to the nines, they’re ready to get lit!

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