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Advent Coworking and Catawba Brewing Team Up for ‘Colla-beer-ation’

Catawba Brewing
The Advent team (from let to right): Charlotte Laun, Erin Breeden, Kevin Giriunas and Sam Poler in the production room at Catawba Brewing. (Photo courtesy of Advent Coworking.)

Coworking spaces have been known to offer beer on tap for their tenants as a perk, but Advent Coworking took it a step further when they partnered with neighbors at Catawba Brewing Company to craft their own beer over the last month.

Many people may not think that brewing beer and working in an office go together, but Catawba Brewing Company and Advent Coworking couldn’t help but to take advantage of their neighborliness at Hub933 in the Belmont neighborhood.

The two organizations, both housed in the Hub933 compound in the Belmont neighborhood, came together approximately a month ago to start a collaborative brew. Advent members were allowed to vote on a name within the Coworking space over a week’s time, and they come out with “Feeling ADVENT-urous IPA.”

An India Pale Ale in the “No Coast” style with an alcohol-by-volume percentage of 7.6, Feeling ADVENT-urous was brewed with Simcoe, Citra and El Dorado hops. It has an IBU count of 68.

As members at Advent, we’ve been privy to the collab for a while, but the team officially announced the collaboration this morning in an email, calling the release of the India Pale Ale one of its “proudest moments.”

“We focus on nurturing a creative community where folks can come together and collaborate and grow,” Kevin Giriunas, founder of Advent Coworking, stated in the email. “That’s what makes this relationship with Catawba so perfect. They’ve created their own community, and this ‘colla-beer-ation,’ as we’re calling it, is significant for our collective communities and for Charlotte as a whole. We believe this is the first time a coworking space and a brewery have joined forces to create a craft beer.”

Catawba Brewing’s creative director Mary Mayo concurred.

“Advent is a company that values collaboration and creativity – as we do at Catawba,” Mayo stated. “So, this project was a natural fit from conception through execution. We were really excited to bring our friends and neighbors from Advent into the brewhouse and make a delicious beer that we can all enjoy together – and, of course, we think our local customers are going to love it, too!”

To celebrate the completion of the beer, Advent is hosting a happy hour event at Catawba this afternoon between 4:30-5:30 p.m. We’ll be there. Got other plans? That’s cool, the beer isn’t going anywhere for the time being. The small batch will be available until it kicks.

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