PREMIERE: Alexa Jenson Self-Reflects on ‘Just You Wait’

Singer/songwriter releases first single in eight years

Alexa Jenson sits in a chair
Alexa Jenson (Photo by Savannah McAffrey)

Back in March, when Pat Moran profiled Alexa Jenson for a Queen City Nerve cover story, the local singer/songwriter said of her popular 2016 track “Daylight,” the single about teenage heartbreak from her self-titled EP from the same year, “It’s kind of a ‘Fuck you’ song.” 

Upon the release of her single “Just You Wait,” her first new release in eight years and also one about relationship frustrations, Jenson says she turned the focus of her pen on herself. 

“I guess you could describe ‘Just You Wait’ as a ‘Fuck you’ song to myself,” she told Queen City Nerve. “I wrote it when I was unhappy in my relationship at the time, not really sure how to leave. And instead of handling it I was just reckless with my actions, not paying any mind to how they would affect other people. 

“It was a train wreck that I could see coming, but I didn’t know how to stop it,” she continued. “So instead I wrote a song about it where I was telling myself, ‘You should know better.’” 

In the song, which premieres today at Queen City Nerve (below), Jenson warns her more naive self of the path she’s going down, at one point recommending church while in the next breath cautioning that jail could be the alternative. 

The song is a short and not-so-sweet power-pop PSA for those who sport a reckless attitude, using energetic guitar riffs, all-enveloping vocal harmonies interposed with a surprise scream to drive it home. 

“It’s my teenage late ’90s/early 2000s indie-pop band dream,” she told Moran in March. “It’s my favorite.”

Alexa Jenson and her backing band, drummer Matt Conte and bassist/synth player Josh Rosales, have been performing the song live at shows around Charlotte for some time now, adapting it over time to make it better until she was finally ready to release it.


Despite the eight-year hole in her release resume, Jenson has been active in the local scene, playing shows regularly at The Evening Muse, one of her favorite haunts since breaking out there at 16 years old, and elsewhere. 

As time has progressed since her EP release in 2016, she says she has avoided the inevitable questions about when she planned to drop a new project. 

“I was deeply insecure about my lack of progression, with all of my plans being derailed when COVID hit,” she said. “I definitely dug a deep depression hole for myself and couldn’t get out. Now I feel mostly excited to get back into it, but still a little nervous about what the future holds.”   

Jenson has gone through plenty of growth as a person since her last release, which dropped when she was 17 years old, and her sound has matured as well.

She wrote “Just You Wait,” a fitting song title for fans who have been biding their time for a new song to steam, just a couple years after the EP release, as she entered adulthood. 

“[I was] trying to stray away from teeny-bopper heartbreak pop songs — though I do love them still,” she says. “I just knew I had so much more to say.” 

Jenson adds that her growth is more apparent in the newer songs she plans to release over the next year or so. 

“I still talk about love and longing, but also about the world around me and where I belong in it,” she says. “I guess my priorities have shifted a bit.”

For that, we’re willing to “just wait” a little while longer. 

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