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Nooze Hounds: Leondra Garrett and Juan Hall with Alternatives to Violence

Episode 63

A tall young man stands in front of a dorm building with his arms around Juan Hall and Leondra Garrett, all smiling for the picture
Juan Hall (left) and Leondra Garrett (right) with Omarion, who went through the Alternatives to Violence program and is now attending Livingstone College. (Photo courtesy of Leondra Garrett)

On the latest episode of Nooze Hounds, we talked to Leonda Garrett and Juan Hall with the city’s Alternatives to Violence program, a pilot violence-interruption program that was launched on the Beatties Ford Road corridor in 2021. 

The two talked about what their day-to-day work looks like, breaking down the narrative set in place by media, how gentrification and displacement play a role in their work and other topics.


In last week’s issue, Ryan spoke with Leondra and site supervisor Earl Owens about the violence-interruption work they’re doing in the corridor. 

“I always ask, ‘What else is it that you would like to be doing other than this? So if I can take this away, what else is it that I can give you that you’re really going to stick to and it’s going to be a thing?’,” Leondra told Ryan in that interview. “And that’s been the biggest help for this work.”

The new Alternatives to Violence team started in December 2021. According to Federico Rios with the city’s SAFE Communities Committee, the Beatties Ford Road corridor has seen a drop in violent crime since implementing the violence interruption pilot program, though a full analysis will not be released until the current team has been on the ground for a full year.

According to Rios, as of Sept. 12, ATV violence interrupters had mediated 45 potentially violent situations and seen 19 participants pass through the program, referring to troubled youth whom interrupters had helped to find jobs, graduate school, or accomplish some other thing.

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