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ArtPop Street Gallery Announces Charlotte Cities Program Class of 2023

A miniature billboard in the design that will be installed along highways in the Charlotte area as part of ArtPop Street Gallery's Class of 2023
A miniature billboard in the design that will be installed along highways in the Charlotte area as part of ArtPop Street Gallery’s Class of 2023. (Artwork by Kaley Horner)

ArtPop Street Gallery, a 501c3 organization that gives artists and communities across the region greater access to art and art opportunities, has announced its Cities Program Class of 2023 artists, the tenth Cities Program class in Charlotte. 

The 20 artists, which include 19 adults and one senior high school student, will receive upwards of $7 million in outdoor advertising space for one year. 

The 20 incoming juried artists come from Mecklenburg, Union, Catawba, Lincoln, Gaston, and York counties. Two of the artists — Arthur Rogers Jr. (2018) and Leigh B. Williams (2014) — are returning ArtPop artists. 

The high school senior is Haley Horner of Fort Mill High School. She will receive the same benefits as the adult artists plus a $1,500 scholarship to pursue an arts degree in college. 

The class of 2023 artists’ artwork covers a wide range of mediums and subject matters, which can be viewed below. The artwork will be displayed on billboards that span across the Charlotte region’s highways, digital signs in retail developments, newsstands in Uptown Charlotte, digital displays at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport and — new for 2023 — LYNX Blue Line station kings.

Their artwork will be installed beginning in early January on the spaces provided by Adams Outdoor Advertising, Awedience Media, Lamar Advertising and other media partners.

“We are thrilled to welcome another incredibly talented class into the #ArtPopCLT program,” said Wendy Hickey, founder and executive director of ArtPop Street Gallery, in a release announcing the new class on Dec. 2. “In our tenth year of our nonprofit mission we trust the 20 artists featured are able to grow their small business and have their best year ever. Our community will have access to art 365 days a year.” 

Hickey pointed out that 2022 Cities Program artists saw 500 million media impressions for their work. 

“In 2022, our Cities Program artists’ imprint reached nearly 500 million media impressions. Just imagine how all that art has helped beautify our community and made Charlotte such a unique place to live,” said Brooke Gibbons, director of impact and sustainability at ArtPop.

Launched in Charlotte by Hickey in 2014, ArtPop turns interstate highways and other thoroughfares and public spaces into outdoor art galleries. After nearly being forced to shut down at the onset of the pandemic, ArtPop has fought its way back, more than doubling its advertising space since that time. 

Since its founding, ArtPop Street Gallery’s Charlotte program has promoted more than 180 artists on millions of dollars of advertising space. 

Below are each of the artworks from ArtPop Cities Program Class of 2023. We’ve included links to where you can see more of each artist’s work as well as the title and medium used for the piece.

Will White. “Floor Length Tribal Patchwork.” Fashion Design: Wood.
Troy Barnett of Barnett Art & Forge. “Blood Wood Damascus Blade.” Sculpture: High Carbon Steel, Blood Wood Handle, Handcast Pommel, Hilt.
Tina G. Vincent. “Vincent’s Village.” Sculpture: Papier-mâché sculptures.
Sally Fanjoy-Labrenz. “Light in Space Triptic.” Photography, Sheer Fabric.
Rebecca Lipps. “Color Tangles.” Mixed Media, Sculpture: Wood, Modeling Foam, Paint, Digital.
Nicole Driscoll. “Hands in the Sky.” Photography.
Matt Myers. “Patrol 7.” Oil Painting.
Leigh B. Williams. “Refreshing Waters.” Acrylic Painting.
Lee Ko. “A Way Coming Back.” Glass Arts, Mixed Media: Reclaimed Glass, Reclaimed Copper Wire, Clay.
ArtPop Street Gallery 2023
Haley Horner, student artist. “Immersion.” Acrylic Painting, Colored Pencil, Ink, Card Stock.
ArtPop Street Gallery 2023
Esther Moorehead. “Reemergence.” Acrylic Painting on Canvas.
ArtPop Street Gallery 2023
Emily Batson. “Reaching Sycamore.” Oil Painting and Colored Pencil.
ArtPop Street Gallery 2023
Doris Barahona. “Earth and Sky.” Oil Painting.
ArtPop Street Gallery 2023
Chad Cartwright. “Three Fads.” Acrylic Painting and Collage on Paper.
ArtPop Street Gallery 2023
Bryant Portwood. “This Town is a Fishbowl.” Painting.
ArtPop Street Gallery 2023
Autumn Payne. “Mingling of Souls.” Clay.
ArtPop Street Gallery 2023
Arthur Rogers Jr. “All Eyes on Me.” Oil Painting.
ArtPop Street Gallery 2023
Anna Dean. “Glitch #4.” Wood, Cast Acrylic, Copper Patina, Nails.
ArtPop Street Gallery 2023
Andrea Brinkley. “Daisies on Teal Wool.” Embroidery on Wool Crochet in Copper Foil-Covered Hoop.
ArtPop Street Gallery 2023
Addison Wahler. “Re-Ignition.” Oil Painting w/ Digital Finishing.

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