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PHOTOS: Beabadoobee Far From Fake at Underground Concert

Beabadoobee plays at the Underground
Beabadoobee plays at the Underground. (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

The ’90s vibe was strong at Charlotte’s Underground on Nov. 10 as indie-rocker beabadoobee rolled into town. Playing songs from her debut album, Fake It Flowers, as well as some from her various EPs, beabadoobee was full of authentic smiles and laughter as she quickly had the crowd singing along to every word she sang.

An indie darling that’s quickly gaining recognition across genres, beabadoobee’s music has undertones of various influences, including Sonic Youth, Elliott Smith, and Mazzy Star. A friend of Phoebe Bridgers, it won’t take long before beabadoobee is playing larger venues around town and the world.

Worth noting were opening sets from Christian Leave and Blackstarkids. Leave initially gained popularity through Vine and YouTube. He’s touring in support of his latest EP, Days Like Lost Dogs, and cites The Cure and Bon Iver as influences though he’s more upbeat than both of those artists.

Blackstarkids, the first band of the evening, brought the ruckus with a mix of hip-hop and alt-pop that got the crowd jumping. Influenced by Tyler, the Creator, Blackstarkids recently toured with Glass Animals.

Blackstarkids open the show
Blackstarkids open the show. (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

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beabadoobee setlist
Sun More Often
Dye It Red
She Plays Bass
Yoshimi, Forest, Magdalene
He Gets Me So High
Charlie Brown
Back to Mars
Worth It
Last Day on Earth

Beabadoobee plays songs from her debut album, 'Fake It Flowers.'
Beabadoobee plays songs from her debut album, ‘Fake It Flowers.’ (Photo by Jeff Hahne)


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