The Best in Charlotte - Best in the Nest

The Best in Charlotte – Best in the Nest 2019


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Collette Ellis posed for the cover of our Best in the Nest issue. (Photo by Jayme Johnson)

As we prepare to see 2019 to its end, we first have a birthday to celebrate. It’s been an amazing first year for Queen City Nerve, and we’ve told so many stories during that time that sometimes we need a reminder of how quick the time flew by. So take this inaugural Best in the Nest, a look at the best places in Charlotte, as a year-in-review, a birthday celebration, an awards show and a nod to what’s next all at once.  Categories include City Life, Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink, Consumer Culture and Nightlife.

We couldn’t be more thankful for our readers, who have been nothing but supportive since before we put a single paper on the streets and have continued to have our backs right up through our Best in the Nest voting (We know, it was a long ballot). We’re also eternally grateful for the team of contributors who helped us put this collection together: Alvin C. Jacobs Jr., Pat Moran, Grant Baldwin, Brian Twitty, Glen Byrd Jr., Erin Tracy-Blackwood, Kristie Puckett-Williams, Karina Caporino, MB Schaffner, Patrice Funderburg, Allison Frazier, Aerin Spruill, Ben Jarrell, Jayme Johnson, Jeff Hahne, Gellie Moore, Kassidy Brown, Dana Vindigni, Justin LaFrancois, Ryan Pitkin and our talented cover model Collette Ellis.

So without further ado, we present Cirque du CLT: Best in the Nest 2019. 

The Best Things About Charlotte

Best in Charlotte city

City Life: What’s happening in Charlotte and who’s behind it. 

Critics’ Picks

Readers’ Picks


Best in Charlotte arts

Arts & Entertainment: There is no community without culture. 

Critics’ Picks

Readers’ Picks


Best in Charlotte food

Food & Drink: We’ve all got to eat, we should do it well. 

Critics’ Picks

Readers’ Picks


Best in Charlotte retail

Consumer Culture: Because you can’t take your money with you. 

Critics’ Picks

Readers’ Picks


Best in Charlotte nightlife

Nightlife: The freaks come out at night. 

Critics’ Picks

Readers’ Picks

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