2021 Nomination Round

Vote for the best of everything in Charlotte in our annual awards competition.

Every day in our paper and on our website we highlight the people, places and things that we believe you should be aware of in Charlotte. Now it’s your time to choose the best the Queen City has to offer in five categories of more than 200 businesses, artists, musicians, restaurants and more. 


In our annual Best in the Nest issue, we look back at some of the most important stories, the biggest impacts, biggest failures and all around hilarity of the past year. You can learn all about last year’s winners in our 2020 Best in the Nest awards.

It's time to Nominate

How to vote in the nomination round


Voting is easy in the nomination round. Scroll through our categories of Food & Drink, Arts & Entertainment, City Life, Consumer Culture, and Nightlife to type in your choice for the best of each category. You do not need to fill in each and every option, but we recommend you do so in order to highlight the folks you think deserve a nod and have your voice heard. 


Voting in the nomination round is limited to one session per valid email address to compensate for ballot stuffing. Be sure to come back in October for the final voting round!

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