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Charlotte Beer Releases | February 2020

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It’s undeniable: Craft beer is big in Charlotte. Local breweries have taken over the food and drink landscape in the Queen City. If you aren’t a certified beer snob by now, you are at least in search of the new brews being offered at your favorite local craft maker’s headquarters. Queen City Nerve will now deliver you a monthly breakdown of all the new releases we can get our hands on in the CLT.

This is not a review board and we do not receive product or money in exchange for listing appearances. All submissions are made by brewery representatives by deadline of publication for the information listed and may be updated periodically throughout the month.


2921 North Tryon Street; 704-900-6851


Image courtesy of NoDa Brewing Company


Style: German Helles Lager

ABV: 4.5%

Brewer: Collaboration between breweries and the NoDa Brew Crew

This yellow-colored lager was brewed in collaboration with Protagonist, Birdsong, Free Range, Heist, Salud, Resident Culture, Pilot, Divine Barrel and Bold Missy breweries in honor of the life of Brooks’ Sandwich House owner Scott Brooks, who was murdered in December 2019. The batch will be split in kegs for each brewery’s taproom and all proceeds will be donated to Habitat for Humanity. It is styled after a traditional German Helles Lager and is easy-drinking, approachable and versatile for food pairing. The beer will be available in draft only and is available to the public on Saturday, February 29 until it sells out at each location. The name is in reference to Scott’s motto: “Too blessed to be stressed.” The checkerboard design and red lettering are a nod to the iconic Brooks’ Sandwich House logo.


Image courtesy of NoDa Brewing Company

Style: Double IPA

ABV: 10.2%

Brewer: NoDa Brew Crew

This hoppy and resinous smelling double IPA was first brewed in 2012 and has become one of the brewery’s most anticipated releases each year. The beer was made to be enjoyed immediately with flavors of sweet citrus, hops and resin and a subtle Vermont maple syrup balance. Hop Cakes will be available in draft and 16-ounce cans in the taproom on Friday, February 14 and on the market Monday, February 17 until they sell out.



Image courtesy of NoDa Brewing Company


Style: Gose

ABV: 4%

Brewer: NoDa Brew Crew

The kettle-soured German-style wheat ale has an aroma of fresh squeezed citrus and is brewed with Germ pilsner grain and local wheat malt. Blood orange puree gives this gose a unique color. Salt is added to balance out the tartness of the blood orange. The beer is available in draft and 16-ounce cans in the taproom on Friday, February 21 and on the market Monday, February 24 until it is sold out.



933 Louise Avenue; 980-498-6145


Image courtesy of Catawba Brewing Co.


Style: White ale

ABV: 5.3%

Hop Type: Summit hops (used sparingly)

Brewer: Paul Rolllow and the Catawba Brew Team

This white ale has a faint cinnamon roll aroma with a light-bodied and creamy mouthfeel. Cinnamon spice with a blend of vanilla and sweetness are on the finish of each sip. The milky straw-colored white ale will be available in draft and 6-pack, 12-ounce cans with the cans priced at $12 on Friday, February 21 until around Cinco de Mayo. The beer is conceived as the perfect pair with a taco and coincidentally, the sales manager’s cat’s name is Taco. Taco’s piercing green eyes provided the first inspiration for the beer’s label art. The art concept transports Taco into the world of a movie trilogy from the early ’90s set in Mexico, and centered around a certain mariachi band. Taco the Cat then became El Gato Mariachi — giving the beer its name. The beer incorporates all the traditional horchata ingredients into a wheat-ale base with a healthy dose of milk sugar. An addition of rice in the grain bill lightens the body for easy drinking and keeping the creamy mouthfeel.


401 W. 24th Street Suite B; 980-938-8494



Style: Double IPA

ABV: 8.2%

Hop Type: Citra, Idaho 7, Mosaic and Galaxy

Brewer: Brad Bergman

Check the aroma listing on this milkshake double IPA: dank, bubble gum, tropical, piney, fruity, citrus, juicy and floral. This DIPA sounds thick, juicy and fresh. It is brewed with oats, milk sugar and ripe mangoes and is heavily hopped. The hazy-orange color probably makes it impossible to see through. The Big Fat Juicy Mango Milkshake DIPA will be served in 4- and 10-ounce drafts and 16-ounce cans starting Saturday, February 29 in the taproom and Monday, March 2 on the market.


Style: Chocolate Donut Stout

ABV: 7.5%

Hop Type: Galena for bitterness

Brewer: Brad Bergman

This stout is packed with chocolate and freshly roasted Beach Shack Coffee. Bergman also added vanilla cake donuts by Charlotte-based Suarez Bakery, with the addition of caramel and toffee. Black in color, the beer gives off chocolate, roasted coffee, vanilla, caramel, toffee and bread-like aromas. It will be served in a 16-ounce draft or can for $11.99 starting Saturday, February 8 in the taproom and Monday, February 10 on the market until it’s gone with the intention of it being available February through March.


Style: Double IPA

ABV: 9%

Brewer: Brad Bergman

This is a hazy and juicy double IPA with a luxuriously soft mouthfeel and body with tropical fruit and citrus notes chilling over top of clean, malt flavors. Snuggle will be available in 16-ounce cans, 10- and 4-ounce draft pours for $15.99 and below starting Saturday, February 29 in the taproom and Monday, March 2 on the market.


1016 North Davidson Street; 704-322-1810



Style: Sour ale with blueberries and strawberries

ABV: 6.2%

Hop Type: Columbus

Brewer: Jeff Bowman

The style calls for a berry aroma and juicy palate and then has a pleasant and clean finish. The sour will be available in a red velvet-colored 12-ounce draft starting on Thursday, February 6. We all have a fondness for Prince and the name was chosen after the color of the beer was revealed. Jackie Hurd created the custom illustration and the design and color scheme give off the feel of an ’80’s album cover which is a perfect homage to Prince. Birdsong is brewing just 60 barrels of the limited release and they expect it to go fast. The beer will be available in 4-packs for $13 in the taproom with a limited number of cases distributed in the Charlotte market.

Image courtesy of Birdsong Brewing Company


Style: Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels with spices

ABV: 10.5%

Hop Type: Columbus

Brewer: Conor Robinson

This smooth, dark imperial stout is made with cocoa nibs, cinnamon and brown sugar with a boozy nose that is accented by cinnamon and cocoa. The dark-brown imperial will be available in 12-ounce draft pours for $6 at the taproom starting on Thursday, February 20 and won’t be available for long. They only brewed 30 barrels this year and expect to have just 75 cases available to the public.

Image courtesy of Birdsong Brewing Company

“One day, friendly Dino turtles were caught in a volcanic eruption — a dangerous time to be slow and steady. Fortunately, the vigilant Pterodactyl Rescue Squad noticed just in time! The ‘dactyls swooped down with a thunderous “CAW!” and hitched the turtles to their rescue vests. Hot lava covered the earth but the turtle dudes were safe and sound. Want to be a pterodactyl? Harness their brave and gentle spirits by sharing this beer with a dinosaur loving friend. Cowabunga!”

The above story from Birdsong is what inspired the can design by Zak Pelojoaquin who created the graphic when the beer was first released in 2014.


3123 North Davidson Street, suite 104; 980-938-1671


Style: Pale ale

ABV: 5%

Hop Type: Mosaic, Simcoe, Cascade and Loral

Brewer: Jeremy Claeys

This tropical-style pale ale is brewed for a purpose. The brewery is donating all proceeds from Resilience AUS to the Australian Red Cross in there efforts to support the devastation in the country from recent bush fires. Available on draft and in crowlers starting Monday, February 24, the beer is gold in color with grapefruit, pine and tropical berry aromas. The mouth retains the aromas with the same profile making up the tasting notes.


Style: Coffee porter

ABV: 5.5%

Hop Type: Chinook

Brewer: Jeremy Claeys

Coffee. The porter tastes like coffee. It smells like coffee, looks like coffee and even sounds like coffee. The beer also has roasted coffee and toffee tones on the nose. It is dark brown in color and will be available on draft and in crowlers starting Thursday, February 27 until it is gone. The name is inspired by Saturday Night Live’s “Schiller Visions” commercial parody in which Chris Farley reacts to drinking decaffeinated Colombian coffee crystals.

Image courtesy of Protagonist


Style: IPA

ABV: 7.2%

Hop Type: Citra, Mosaic and Comet

Brewer: Jeremy Claeys

Dank and grapefruit aromas with notes of tropical kiwi and papaya and an equal flavor profile attribute to this gold-colored IPA. This beer was named after the iconic George Costanza line from the Seinfeld episode where the gang discusses after-swimming shrinkage. I WAS IN THE POOL! will be available starting Thursday, February 6 on draft and in crowlers until it is gone.


Style: IPA

ABV: 6%

Hop type: Cascade, Citra, Simcoe and Moutere

Brewer: Jeremy Claeys

“I do not ask to be young again; all I want is to go on getting older” was appropriately stated by Konrad Adenauer, who was the oldest person to be the head of a major country at the age of 87. The beer won’t get that old though. It comes out on Thursday, February 20 and will only be around until it’s gone. This is an IPA brewed with Kolsch yeast for a clean, crisp and tropical flavor with citrus and resin accents. It is gold in color with a tropical, citrus and resin nose and will be available on draft and in crowlers.


Style: Kolsch-style ale

ABV: 5.1%

Hop Type: Tettnanger, Halleurtau and Blanc

Brewer: Jeremy Claeys

This is a bready Kolsch with a white-grape aroma with a crisp, white-grape taste to match. This beer is another takeaway from the life of Konrad Adenauer, the former mayor of Kolsch’s home Cologne and former chancellor of Germany. The gold-colored Kolsch will be available starting on Thursday, February 20 until it’s gone on draft and in crowlers.

If you would like your brewery’s beer releases noted in our monthly beer release listing, reach out to info@qcnerve.com.

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