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A Guide to Almost Getting High at Charlotte’s Dispensaries

Where to get your flower and gardening tools for 4/20

a portrait of Queen Hemp Company founders Nicole Burnette and Gail Syfert in their greenhouse
Queen Hemp Company’s Nicole Burnette (left) and Gail Syfert. (Courtesy of QHC)

It was just five years ago that folks looking for CBD only had a few options for storefronts in the Charlotte area. Fast forward just a half-decade — as we’ve seen the evolution of the hemp industry capitalizing on the popularity of Delta 8, Delta 9, THCA and other similar products — and the city has seen a proliferation of businesses that have jumped into this fledgling market, each with their own offerings and atmosphere to set them apart. 

We picked out 20 shops that are worth checking out on this 4/20 holiday.

Apotheca Cannabis Dispensary

Five locations in Charlotte, one in Cornelius

With a mission to deliver a safe and reliable product while maintaining its reputation through transparency and sustainability, Apotheca opened in 2019 as “a trustworthy source of reliable and sustainable cannabis, kratom and microdosing magic mushroom products.” The dispensary carries CBD and THC gummies, chocolates, delta-9 seltzers, taffy, caramels, pot brownies, cookies and more, including microdosing psychedelic mushrooms and kratom supplements like concentrated shots, powders and easy-to-dose capsules. 

Blue Flowers Cannabis Dispensary

4717 Sharon Road, 2B; 3020-C Prosperity Church Road; 601 S. Kings Drive, Suite FF

Owners Joslyn and husband Colby opened one of the first dispensaries in Charlotte shortly following the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill in late 2018, Blue Flowers has since expanded to six locations — three in Charlotte and three in the High Country. Their highly educational website will answer questions ranging from an in-depth look at the endocannabinoid system to “Will I pass a drug test?”   

a photo of the interior of BFCD, one of Charlotte's leading dispensaries
Blue Flowers Cannabis Dispensary (Courtesy of BFCD)

Buddha’s Bazaar

9124 South Tryon St., Suite F; four other locations in greater Charlotte area

This modern head shop largely focuses on glassware like water pipes, hookahs, bubblers and others, as well as “gardening goods” including CBD, hemp, Delta-8 products and more. They’ve got “zengineers” — their version of the Geek Squad — to help anyone new to the alphabet soup that is the THC and CBD scene.

Cali Vapors Elite Smoke Shop

Four locations around Charlotte

Though they focus more on vapes and glass pieces, Cali Vapors also partners with cbdMD, which makes health-focused CBD products. 

Carolina Hemp Cabinet

3625 Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road, #407

Described as an herbal medicine store, Hemp Cabinet carries TCHA and CBD products in the form of flower, edibles, capsules, vapes, live hash rosin, and topicals. The shop proudly states that its THCA flower is grown indoors with organic nutrients, guaranteeing clean flowers with no threats of harmful chemicals present in the buds.

a photo of Carolina Hemp Cabinet's wooden sign in Charlotte, NC
Carolina Hemp Cabinet (Courtesy of Carolina Hemp Cabinet)

Crowntown Cannabis

2419 Central Ave.; 3201 N Davidson St.

One of the first dispensary-style storefronts to open in Charlotte back in 2018 as Charlotte CBD, Crowntown Cannabis has two Charlotte locations and a third in Concord that all offer a huge selection of products ranging from vapes and honey to tea and topical creams. The dispensary also has a CannaBUS, taking their store on the road, and can be booked to show up at a party, bar or event.

Delta Beverages

Various locations

More of a distributor than a dispensary, these drinks are made with hemp-derived THC and prioritize the cannabis effect above all else. They’re available at dozens of retail locations around Charlotte, just check the website for a store locator. 

GreenLife Remedies

501 Penman St.; 8700 Pineville-Matthews Road, Suite 340, Pineville

The two “cannabis-loving Midwesterners” who brought Greenlife Remedies to the NC hemp market in 2018 did so after having worked for decades in various parts of the cannabis industry elsewhere. They offer a unique feature for shopping by browsing different benefit categories: calming, euphoria, focus, recovery, relaxation and sleep.

a photo of Your CBD Source's exterior, located in Matthews
Your CBD Source (Courtesy of Your CBD Source)

The Happy Camper Lounge & Dispensary

Dispensary, 2017 N. Davidson St.; Lounge and dispensary, 3100 N. Davidson St.

The Happy Camper offers quality above all else in its vapes, edibles, smokeables and even Staff Picks in case you’re feeling indecisive. The dispensary is community-focused with regularly scheduled events like jazz and chess nights for an all-around inclusive experience.

Hemp Hop Cannabis Delivery

227 Old Hebron Road

After witnessing the benefits of hemp products with a family member, the owners of Hemp Hop were on a mission to deliver the same benefits to others … literally. The dispensary delivery service provides same-day delivery for Charlotte, Huntersville, Mint Hill, Belmont, Cornelius and other cities in the greater Charlotte area.

Infinity’s End

Four locations around Charlotte

Charlotte’s original smoke shop since 1969, Infinity’s End has everything from disc golf bags to tarot decks … from incense to flower. They’ve stayed alive for 55 years by keeping up with what’s new, and that means staying up on the evolving cannabis industry in North Carolina. They currently serve drinks, edibles, flower, mushrooms, tinctures, topicals, vapes, wax and more.

Kanna CBD

209 W. Worthington Ave.; 440 E McCullough Drive, Suite A-130

Kanna CBD is a family-owned business comprising an indoor hydroponic hemp grow and two storefronts in South End and the University area. The dispensary offers an in-store rewards program and daily discount codes. The shop offers beverages like the cannabis-infused Pretty High for a Dry Guy mocktail. 

a black and white portrait of the staff at Kanna located in South End
Kanna staff (Courtesy of Hanna)

Mitty’s Cannabis Cafe

216 Iverson Way, B2

The first of its kind in Charlotte, Mitty’s offers CBD-infused coffees and teas alongside products like baked goods, tinctures and flower. The website helpfully breaks down all the different compounds they put to use so you know what the difference between Delta-10, THC-11 and CBG is.  


9211 North Tryon St., Suite 10B; 709 Louise Ave.

Noted for their customer service, Premez offers an array of CBD products including some we haven’t seen elsewhere like CBD coffee or bath and beauty products such as bath bombs and massage butter. Get a closer look at the product with their Smokus Fokus carrying case.

Prime Sunshine CBD

121 Greenwich Road

Founded as an online business in 2014 by Ellen Tacher, Prime Sunshine CBD was one of the first to open a CBD storefront in 2018. The dispensary offers wellness products like supplements and nutritional products like blood pressure support.

a photo of Prime Sunshine's CBD oils
Prime Sunshine products (Courtesy of Prime Sunshine)

Queen Hemp Company

Various locations

A woman-owned-and-operated business, hence the name, Queen Hemp Company is a vertically integrated indoor grower and wholesale/retail distributor of hemp products. You can buy their products online, or at spots around town like Berrybrook Farms, Common Market, Rhino Market and more.

Seed To Soul

624 Tyvola Rd Ste 105-A

This dispensary believes in a holistic approach with natural remedies for healing through their natural products including THCA flower, Delta-9 edibles, cartridges, disposables, tinctures, baked goods and more. “Our mission revolves around enhancing the accessibility of natural healing with cannabis and other plant-based products,” the shop’s website reads. “We firmly advocate for the decriminalization and destigmatization of these incredible natural remedies, recognizing their potential to transform lives.” 

a photo of Seed to Soul's interior, a dispensary located in Charlotte, NC
Seed to Soul Dispensary (Courtesy of Seed to Soul)

Vast Cannabis

8424 Old Statesville Road, Suite 400

If you’re feeling foggy about what exactly is in the products you’re buying, just hop on Vast’s website and click on “Lab Results” right there on top, where you’ll find the documentation that breaks down each product sold in the shop. 

The Wellington

201 S. College St., Suite 150

Woman-owned and founded, The Wellington’s Linsey Beford partners with yoga instructors, chiropractors and other wellness experts who align with their mission of providing holistic medicine to others with CBD products. The Wellington on Wheels also allows Beford’s team to bring their experienced staff and unique CBD products straight to the customer.

Your CBD Source

10416 E. Independence Blvd., Suite 610, Matthews

This family-owned business was opened after the owners experienced the benefits that CBD had on their own lives. The shop offers oils, edibles, vapes, topicals, and even CBD treatments for your pet’s health. “More people are becoming aware of the life-changing effects that CBD can have within their wellness journeys and we want to help guide them,” the owners wrote on their website. “We are passionate about this industry and are committed to understanding the studies done on the benefits CBD can have.” 

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