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Nooze Hounds: Ohavia Phillips and Dion Beary Review a Year of Charlotte News

Episode 53

Charlotte news in 2021
Ohavia Phillips (left) and Dion Beary stopped by the studio to talk Charlotte news in 2021. (Photo by Justin LaFrancois)

On episode 53 of the Nooze Hounds podcast, we brought on Ohavia Phillips, host of The Oh Show and named Best Local Celebrity in Queen City Nerve’s Best in the Nest 2021; and Dion Beary, local writer, content creator and founder of Inside 485, to talk all things Charlotte news in 2021. Beary was also named Best Twitter Account in Best in the Nest 2020

The two joined us to talk about a few of the most interesting, engaging, important and/or impactful Charlotte news stories of 2021. We begin with Jan. 6, 2021, and run through a gauntlet of stories. If you’re looking for show notes, you may want to check out some of our coverage around the fiasco that was the government response to Tent City, the tipping-pool scandal at Goodyear House, and the closure of Latta Plantation


From Best in the Nest 2021: Show host. Content creator. Influencer. Advocate. Queen City Nerve Best in the Nest cover model. What can’t Ohavia Phillips do?! The Brooklyn, New York native moved to Charlotte at age 13 and proceeded to make the city her own. She left her job as a reporter at Spectrum News after being refused in her desires to shine a light on community response to the CMPD killing of Keith Lamont Scott, and has since broken out on her own. The city is better for it.

From Best in the Nest 2020: Dion Beary has spent the year being one of those things you just see all too rarely: a voice of reason on Twitter. We don’t always agree with Dion’s takes, but we respect the fact that he doesn’t just fire them out there for engagement; he clearly thinks them through first. Shamefully but not surprisingly, COVID-19 became politicized in America fairly quickly, and while most folks on Charlotte Twitter took sides and dug in with either the “shut it down and stay away” or “reopen and fuck ‘em all” points of view, Dion took a step back and tried to make sense of a landscape in which the only thing less consistent than the restrictions was the enforcement.

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