Cyanca Opens Up on ‘I’m Staying Home’

Cyanca (Photo by Aaron Kasey)

Behind Cyanca’s melodius vocals and the dreamlike keys of Harvey Cummings featured on “Patti Mayonnaise,” the first single off Cyanca’s new three-track EP I’m Staying Home, lies a rollercoaster of emotions, from the nostalgic ups of jump ropes and driveway alley oops on a summer day to the painful downs of a young girl losing her mother and violently warning listeners of what she’ll do to anyone who harms the family she has left.

That purposeful duality plays out through the EP, as Cyanca told Queen City Nerve.

“Two main things that were the goal for this project were to make it universal — very catchy, very relatable to what people have gone through in the past — and at the same time, open up more about where I’m from and what I’ve been through with my testimony.”

That same vibe even plays into the EP’s title, which came up after a long night out during CIAA weekend between Cyanca and friends when she told them, “I’m going home and I’m staying home.”

It’s more than just a plea for rest, though; as Cyanca explained, it’s her embodiment.

Cyanca (Photo by Aaron Kasey)

“It’s a perfect representation of me. I’m introverted, but I’m social, too,” she said. “In the morning times I love being home by myself. I’m just a homebody. It’s like I’m staying home, but I’m also letting you inside my life and my home.”

Later this month, Cyanca expects to drop the video for “Patti Mayonnaise,” which will drip with nostalgia for anyone who grew up watching the Nickelodeon cartoon Doug (Patti is a character in the show, for those who didn’t know). Cyanca and her team have been planning the video for months, writing scenes, casting characters and gathering props.

“We’re just gonna basically give you guys an episode of Doug,” Cyanca said. “You’re going to have your Doug, Skeeter, Beebe, and of course I’m playing Patti Mayonnaise. It’s going to be awesome. We feel like it’s going to definitely takeoff, because I feel like Doug is a really popular show that all millennials did watch growing up.”

It was always going to be tough for Cyanca to follow-up on her 2017 hit “New Phone, Who Dis?” but if anyone is going to put a brand new earworm in fans’ ears, it’s Patti.

Cyanca will perform at The Session alongside Tweet, The Hamiltones, The X Men and more on Sunday, July 28, at 7:30 p.m. at Heist Brewery, 2909 N. Davidson St.; Tickets are $20

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