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Sharon Dowell Unveils New Mural Honoring Deborah Triplett

New work serves as memoriam to beloved local creative

Deborah Triplett, Sharon Dowell
Sharon Dowell and her family in front of Sharon’s most recent mural in honor of Deborah Triplett. (Photo by Ryan Pitkin)

Friends and fans of late local artist Deborah Triplett gathered in Plaza Midwood/Commonwealth on Saturday for the unveiling of Sharon Dowell’s mural that pays respects to the impactful Charlotte photographer and creative.

Dowell included a portrait of Triplett in the mural, which stands on a rental building next to Moxie Mercantile on Commonwealth Avenue. 

Dozens of people showed up on Saturday to see the new mural and share stories about Triplett amongst each other.

“I myself as an artist was touched by [Deborah Triplett] in my early 20s, she was such a force, I personally felt so empowered by her and she was just an inspiration for me and so many other artists that I know,” Dowell told Queen City Nerve. 

“I hear story after story of not just artists but so many people that were touched by her, and she was huge for our community, but beyond that, its just an honor that we get to do this for her,” Dowell continued. “We get to celebrate Deborah right in the heart of Plaza Midwood, and it’s such a healing thing for people to come by, and they cry sometimes, but people are connecting and sharing stories about her and she was such a fascinating woman.”  

Deborah Triplett, Sharon Dowell
The new Deborah Triplett mural. (Photo by Ryan Pitkin)

Triplett, who founded Yard Art Day in Plaza Midwood, was a friend and ardent supporter of artists throughout the city. To celebrate and memorialize her passion for art and community, a team of local artists created the vibrant mural in the hopes that it will serve as a lasting tribute and a focal point for the Plaza Midwood and Commonwealth neighborhoods.

The mural is located next door to Moxie Mercantile at the intersection of Commonwealth and Thomas avenues. The art wraps three sides of the building that houses Stay Moxie and Corrie Huggins Creative. 

Dowell led a team of local artists including Tom Thoune, Mike Wirth, Cher Cosper, Lucy Parker, Claire Santos and Rosalia Torres Weiner — all of whom shared a special connection with Triplett — to create te mural. 

Throughout the weeks-long creation, friends, family and team members shared stories and memories about Triplett. 

“Even in her passing, Deborah was bringing people together with art and laughter to create new forms of community,” read a release about the mural. 

“The mural design is a collection of all things that brought Deborah joy: flowers, butterflies and her signature red lips,” the release read. “The piece is meant to catch your attention and bring a smile to your face, just like Deborah did for so many.”  

After the unveiling, Dowell told Queen City Nerve that she believed Deborah was looking down on the event. 

“I’m not surprised so many people came to remember her and connect,” Dowell said. “I’m just looking around and I’m connecting with people I haven’t seen in a long time. I think she’s looking; I think she’s smiling down and looking at us.”

Read more: In Memoriam: Deborah Triplett, 1949-2023 (Charlotte Magazine)

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