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Former CMPD Chief Kerr Putney Joins CPI Security as Consultant

Recently retired CMPD Chief Kerr Putney didn’t stay unemployed for long, as today it was announced to employees at CPI Security that Putney has joined the organization as a community and government relations consultant. 

According to an email announcing the new hire, Putney will work directly with CPI CEO Ken Gill, who in June found himself the target of a boycott for his response to an email from Queen City Unity about recent police brutality against Black people. In his responding email, Gill told Queen City Unity leader Jorge Millares to “spend your time in a more productive way,” such as by focusing on black-on-black crime.

The not-so-subtle racist dog whistle of a response led the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets and other community partners to cut ties with the security company. 

In today’s email to employees, Gill stated, “At CPI, our commitment extends beyond providing solutions that keep people safe. We want to improve our approach to engagement, volunteerism, mentorship and investments that align with our organization’s core values and priorities and we feel Kerr is the perfect leader for this initiative.” 

In the same release, Putney stated, “I have always been impressed with CPI’s commitment to the underserved in our community. I’m thrilled to have found a role in which I can continue to protect people and make a real difference to provide access and opportunities in all of the communities CPI serves.” 

Kerr Putney joins CPI Security just three weeks after retiring from his position of CMPD chief on June 30

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