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Gama Goat Building, Food Stalls Set to Open in Camp North End

Latest phase of renovation ready for Friday

City leaders and developers gathered at Camp North End on Wednesday morning to announce the Friday opening of the newly renovated Gama Goat Building on the east side of the campus.

Camp North End developers ATCO Properties & Management will host a grand opening for the building at the intersection of North Graham Street and Keswick Avenue on Friday. The Gama Goat Building is named after the six-wheel, semi-amphibious U.S. army vehicle that was assembled in the facility in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The opening will add 140,000 square feet of office space, four food stalls, a boutique fitness concept called bloc., and plenty of outdoor gathering space to the 76-acre Camp North End campus. The food stalls are approximately 385 square feet each and are situated along the southwest side of the Gama Goat Building, where a new extension of Keswick Avenue cuts through the facility and is lined with spaces for additional retail and food and beverage concepts, according to a press release.

The Gama Goat Building before renovations. (Photo by Michael O’Neill)

“The new food stalls will offer a convenient and healthy mix of cuisines for our nearby neighbors and people who work or visit here,” stated Damon Hemmerdinger, co-president of ATCO, in the release. “As Camp North End grows, we envision a vibrant district with some of Charlotte’s best options for a healthy breakfast, a quick and affordable lunch, a mid-afternoon coffee or tea, a happy hour with friends or date night. We want to continue to bring together the best local culinary talent, as well as chefs from around the region and beyond.”

The new extension of Keswick Avenue marks the beginning of a central pedestrian network that will enhance walkability and access throughout the Camp North End site, according to the release. A walking path will be open for patrons to walk from Keswick Avenue to the Mount to access additional businesses. In August, the final extension of Keswick Avenue is expected to open for vehicular traffic connecting to Camp Road at the heart of the site in The Mount district.

Below are a few of the diverse food stall selections to be featured at the site:

Bleu Barn Bistro: “Bleu Barn Bistro is a food truck that takes the farm to the table. Their freshly made cuisine will include a seasonal menu of grab-and-go breakfast items, sandwiches, tacos, salads, specials, appetizers and sides”.

Saru by Bow Ramen: Bow Ramen is an authentic nagahama style tonkotsu ramen shop. The style was developed in the Nagahama district of Fukuoka, Japan, and features ultra-thin, hand-cut noodles cooked in steaming hot pork bone broth packed with flavor.

La Caseta: La Caseta introduces Latin American flavors from El Salvador, Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina to Camp North End. Signature dishes like tacos al pastor, pupusas and arepas are inspired by the immigrant families that make up the restaurant group. Their mission: “Cooking Traditional Latin Cuisine Passed Down from Generation to Generation”.

The food stalls can be found behind the namesake Gama Goat vehicle. (Photo by Ryan Pitkin)

These additions will make for 12 total food selections at Camp North End, joining the likes of Greg and Subrina Collier’s Leah & Louise and Samantha Allen’s Wentworth & Fenn. 

Friday’s grand opening will coincide with the reopening of outdoor activations at Camp North End, with 20 businesses operating with extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

“The public is invited to walk around the site throughout the day and evening, patronize the small businesses of Camp North End, enjoy alfresco dining and shopping, and discover new public art all while keeping a safe social distance outside,” stated Camp North End community manager Varian Shrum in the release. “Provided masks are worn in the interest of public health, all are welcome to stroll outside from the moment HEX Coffee’s walk-up window opens at 9 a.m. until Leah & Louise’s patio closes at 10 p.m.”

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