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Good Times Art Pop-Up Acts as Prep for the Reopening

(Photo by Grant Baldwin)

The Underground hosted a slew of Charlotte’s best visual artists over the weekend with Good Times, a pop-up organized by IMEK Studios that highlighted work from a dozen local artists. The exhibit was not like your average gallery, as it consisted of installations that were not only Insta-ready but also thought-provoking. 

The pop-up was meant to pay homage The Art Hole, a now defunct art gallery that I used to love, but I can’t quite understand what the connection was. I really love to see PBR back in the mix funding local artists, but I’m lost on the Art Hole connection. Either way, it doesn’t matter because it was a great time and we need more of this.

The experience included installations by artists including Cheeks, Dammit Wesley, Fiberess, Fred Smith, Georgie Nakima, Hnin Nie, Nico Amortegui, Rebecca Lips, TWOKAT, Primetime Signs, and NOIRS ONE. Those installations included a walkthrough floral experience, a wooden sculpture garden, a “Taxidermy Wall” with 20-30 hand-painted animal heads, a giant abstract UV reactive throne and more. 

Good Times runs through Monday night and is one of three art installation series that Pabst Blue Ribbon launched this year as part of the blue label’s 1000 Creators initiative, a commitment to commissioning work from 1,000 creators across the country who’ve been affected by the COVID pandemic.

All photos below are by Grant Baldwin. 

Artwork by Will Puckett.
Artwork by Nico Amortegui
Artwork by @swych19
Artwork by Cheeks
Artwork by Two Dimes.
Artwork by Cheeks.
Artwork by Georgie Nakima
Artwork by Ian Wagener
Artwork by Fred Smith & Primetime Signs
Artwork by Cheeks
Artwork by Cheeks

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