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Judah & the Lion Roar Into the Fillmore

A band plays on stage at the Fillmore in Charlotte
Judah & the Lion (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

For years, Judah & the Lion has been winning over Charlotte crowds — as an opener for bands, such as Incubus — and as the headliner. Sunday night, Oct. 9, was no different. Frontman Judah Akers exudes the perfect mixture of style, stage presence and talent, leading his band from one energetic folk-rock song to the next. It’s enough to keep the crowd engaged, singing along, moving and grooving for the duration of their set.

Oddly enough, the biggest crowd response might have been from a covers medley of “Since You’ve Been Gone,” “Higher” and “Snap Yo Fingers.” The band was joined by opening act The National Parks and the enthralled audience was over-the-top with enthusiasm. It was the perfect mid-set energy boost, fueling the crowd through the rest of the set.

A band plays on stage at the Fillmore in Charlotte
The National Parks (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

While most opening acts are simply there to warm the crowd up, The National Parks were there to compete for audience attention and participation. Full-band drum solos, a bit of dancing, and fired-up choruses went beyond the normal “get them warmed up” ideas. I’d guess that the next time around, TNP will be headlining the Fillmore themselves.

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A man holding a guitar sings into a microphone on stage
Judah & the Lion (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

Judah & the Lion setlist
Take a Walk
Quarter-Life Crisis
Over My Head
Dance With Ya
Kickin’ da Leaves
Since U Been Gone / Higher / Snap Yo Fingers

Why Did You Run?
Blue Eyes / Beautiful Anyway
Suit and Jacket
Be Here Now
Take It All Back

Things Are Looking Up

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