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Lisa De Novo Looks on the Bright Side With New Music

Singer-songwriter channels optimism on 'Sunflower Showers'

A young woman, musician Lisa De Novo, plays a ukulele in field of sunflowers
Lisa De Novo (Photo by Ski Studio)

Having spent years playing the open mic circuit in Charlotte, performing her uplifting style of what she calls “bubblegum jazz” in the corners of coffeehouses, breweries and bars all around the city, Lisa De Novo was primed for the road.

As soon as COVID restrictions lifted, that’s exactly what she took to, spending the last couple of years playing gigs wherever she could get them — from house shows in Utah to sets in the “middle-of-nowhere” Mississippi — experiences that have shown De Novo that it’s not where you’re at but the love you spread once you’re there.

“When you’re touring, you don’t know what to expect, but if you keep a positive outlook, usually it all turns out for the best,” she told Queen City Nerve.

While on the road, De Novo has been slowly piecing together her latest project, Sunflower Showers, a four-track EP that serves as her first project since the 2018 release of her debut album, The Big Bang.

The EP serves as an inspirational thank-you note to nature. One song, “Sunshine,” is an homage to the sun itself. She’ll perform that and other work at Goldie’s on Aug. 8.

The name for Sunflower Showers came from De Novo’s partner, Jimmy Ski. With that being her favorite flower, the singer has since developed a number of ideas for how she wants to play with the aesthetic in upcoming videos for the songs and what the theme as a whole means to her.

She has a specific image not of sunflowers in a rain shower, but a literal shower of the plants themselves.

“It’s like a galaxy comet type of theme with the sunflowers,” she explained, going back to a space motif she visited with The Big Bang. “So obviously if comets were falling from the sky, we would all be freaked out, but what if it were sunflowers? That’s what I was thinking when the name came about. That’s what came to my mind.”

When I brought up that I had taken it to symbolize the silver lining of a rain cloud, which provides life sustenance to a flower, the way her music often provides positivity in what has been a dark time for the country, she acknowledged that had crossed her mind as well.

“It goes both ways with the rain, where that’s usually depressing when the rain is raining, but then with sunflowers, you have that happy vibe that everything’s going to be okay. We’ll just have some more flowers, right?”

We could all use more flowers.

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