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5 Takeaways from Princess Goes at Visulite Theatre

March 27, 2024

Michael C. Hall of Princess Goes
Michael C. Hall of Princess Goes. (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

Indie-new wave trio Princess Goes finally performed their debut Charlotte gig on Monday after two previous cancellations. The band is currently touring its latest album, Come of Age. Fronted by actor Michael C. Hall (Dexter, Six Feet Under), his presence alone garnered plenty of attention but, how was the music? Here are a few takeaways from the band’s concert.

1. What’s in a name?
Princess Goes used to be called Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum. There are a handful of stories floating around online about why the band changed its monicker. Some say it was due to a record label dispute. The band says it was so that “Princess” could go to other places. Love it or hate it, does the name really matter?

Michael C. Hall of Princess Goes
Michael C. Hall of Princess Goes. (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

Same could be said for singer Hall. His name alone gets people through the door, but it’s the music that has to keep them engaged. Hall has all the rizz needed to keep people’s attention and his vocals have all of the range necessary to float above the ethereal (at times) music.

2. But are they any good?
It’s not easy to describe the music of Princess Goes. The combination of vocals over keyboards from Matt Katz-Bohen (Blondie, Cyndi Lauper) and electronic drums by Peter Yanowitz (The Wallflowers, Morningwood) merge to form an amalgam that’s part ’80s new wave, part ’90s alternative, part dance with a smidge of ’70s disco thrown in.

It bounces between emotional and energetic enough to keep an audience entertained. If people didn’t know that Hall was in the group, they’d still get plenty of attention.

3. Does it matter that the frontman is an actor?
Nothing about the band’s performance was theatrical, and it’s not like Hall was standing up there telling stories from Hollywood movie sets.

Michael C. Hall of Princess Goes
Michael C. Hall of Princess Goes. (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

Hall came to perform a concert and that’s what he accomplished. Keanu Reeves rolled through town a few months ago with his band Dogstar and, while he drew plenty of attention, he was simply a member of the band on that night, as well.

There are only a few artists that go a bit over the top with their onstage, in-band performances (I’m looking at you, Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars.)

4. Would I see them again/recommend them?
Sure! I’m sorry to say I’ve never seen an episode of Dexter and Six Feet Under was on so long ago that I don’t remember much of it. I went into the concert purely as a listener who was unfamiliar for the most part and left thinking they could play bigger venues to more people with ease — even if there was an unknown person at the helm.

Michael C. Hall of Princess Goes
Michael C. Hall of Princess Goes. (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

5. Did you know Hall is from North Carolina?
While doing a bit of research about the band, I noticed that Hall was born and raised in Raleigh. His ex-wife is Jennifer Carpenter (his co-star from Dexter), who is now married to Seth Avett. Small world, indeed.

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