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Lizzo Dominates Uptown Charlotte Arena

Music artist Lizzo sings into a microphone wearing a red sparkly cut out one piece
Lizzo kept the crowd entertained Oct. 20 at the Spectrum Center. (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

The phrase “Girl Power” has been around for 30 years (thanks, Bikini Kill), and while the Spice Girls may have brought the phrase to the mainstream, I’d say Lizzo can use it all she’d like at this point. 

The songstress who blends elements of hip-hop, pop, rock, soul and R&B is on the pathway to legendary status — not just for her hit-making capabilities but for the sense of empowerment she gives to women of all ages and sizes. As someone who struggled with her self image when she was young, Lizzo has flipped that coin and become a role model for promoting body positivity — reinforced by her use of backup dancers of all sizes, the Big Grrrls.

Musical artist Lizzo dances in on stage flanked by four other dancers all raising one hand in the air
Lizzo performs while flanked by her backup dancers, the Big Grrrls. (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

All smiles from the first notes, Lizzo hit the stage and the crowd’s enjoyment never wavered. The last time she was in town, the Uptown Amphitheatre was overflowing with fans. This time around, it was the Spectrum Center that was packed to the brim with fans of all ages who sang along for more than 25 songs.

The night got started with a brief set from rapper Latto who, at age 23, is already starting to make a name for herself, as well.

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Music artist Lizzo smiles on stage as she looks out into the crowd
A smiling Lizzo looks out into the crowd at the Spectrum Center on Oct. 20. (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

Lizzo setlist
The Sign
2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)
Scuse Me
Break Up Twice
Doo Wop (That Thing) – Lauryn Hill cover

I’m Every Woman – Chaka Khan Cover
Like a Girl
Birthday Girl/Happy Birthday
Everybody’s Gay
Water Me
Cuz I Love You
If You Love Me
Truth Hurts
I Love You Bitch
Good as Hell

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