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EXCLUSIVE: Loyd Visuals to Open First Headquarters, Creative Studio

Three brothers continue to expand on business launched in 2016

The brothers behind Loyd Visuals stand in front of a storefront sign that reads Loyd Visuals
From left: Brothers Najm, Maleek and Khaleel Loyd. (Courtesy of Loyd Visuals)

ATCO Properties & Management will announce today that Charlotte-based video production agency Loyd Visuals will open its new studio space and headquarters in Camp North End. The photo, video and podcast studio will be a first for the company, which was launched by brothers Khaleel, Maleek and Najm Loyd in 2016

Ranging from advertisements and promotional videos to documentaries, Loyd Visuals supports national and international organizations with branding and storytelling initiatives. The company’s past work includes collaborations with the NFL, ESPN, and Netflix, as well as international brands such as Airbnb and Honeywell. 

Located on the ground floor of the forthcoming residential development Kinship, Loyd Visuals’ new office and studio space will feature various backdrops for capturing photography, designated space equipped for video production, a podcast recording area and more. 

Before acquiring a permanent independent space of its own, Loyd Visuals has worked out of an office at hygge coworking in Camp North End since 2020, where they’ve been surrounded by other creatives and cultural agencies, including Black-owned companies like BlkMrktCLT, DUPP&SWATT, and Kicks & Fros.  

“During the past three years, we have experienced all that Charlotte and Camp North End has to offer and are convinced that the dynamic atmosphere here, especially for creatives, makes it the perfect place for us to plant our roots in the community with our first office and studio space,” Khaleel said. 

The Loyd Visuals team won’t be the only ones working out of the new studio, as the studio will be available for other companies and independent creatives to rent. Residents of Kinship, which will include 301 new apartments and is set to open in late 2024, will also have access to the space as an amenity. 

Loyd Visuals will also aim to continue hosting free events for creatives and professionals around Charlotte, with a goal of cultivating a communal space and building community amongst people moving in those fields. 

“Loyd Visuals is rooted in community,” said Khaleel. “As we thought about the design and function of our space, it was important  to consider how it could serve as an asset for the entire Charlotte community — not just for our brand. We are  excited to present a solution for entrepreneurs with space accessibility challenges, and we look forward to hosting  educational workshops and networking events in our space. 

“The possibilities are endless here,” he continued, “from filming podcasts to shooting commercials, and we cannot wait to see what manifests as we welcome the community to help us realize the full potential of Loyd Studios.”  

The Loyd Visuals storefront at Camp North End
The Loyd Visuals storefront at Camp North End. (Photo courtesy of Loyd Visuals)

Camp North End is currently home to more than 60 tenants who operate on the campus, ranging from bars and restaurants to artistic endeavors to commercial tenants. Loyd Visuals’ announcement today, first reported by Queen City Nerve, marks the 23rd expansion for the 76-acre site where people once manufactured Model T cars and assembled US Army missiles. 

“Camp North End is a magnet for growing businesses, and we couldn’t be more pleased that Loyd Visuals has chosen to become a permanent part of our tenant mix,” stated Tommy Mann, development director at Camp North End. “Camp North End offers so much more than best-in-class office space, retail offerings, year-round programming and soon residences; it’s a vital hub for burgeoning businesses that want to immerse themselves in a community of ambitious entrepreneurs, industry leaders and creatives.”

Originally the brainchild of Khaleel, Loyd Visuals is owned and operated with the help of his two younger brothers, Maleek and Najm, each of whom bring their own skill set to the table. The project was originally born out of a realization that each of the brothers’ diverse talents could be capitalized on in a collaborative way.

“How we came up with the idea was based upon me realizing and taking self inventory of what I was really good at, but then also looking around at the people that were closest to me, which were my brothers, and identifying what they were really good at as well,” Khaleel told Queen City Nerve in 2023. 

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Combining Khaleel’s passion for entrepreneurship and social justice with Maleek’s talent for video production and Najm’s eye for photography, streetwear and fashion, the brothers launched their business in 2016, though they didn’t jump into things full-time until a contract with Airbnb changed things for them. 

“That was the contract that really solidified the confidence in us, that this was going to be a viable business, that we could grow and scale and have true impact,” Khaleel told us in 2023. “And that one contract took us around the world.” 

The team’s latest announcement, however, ensures that even as they continue to expand and take their services around the world, Loyd Visuals will remain rooted in Charlotte.

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