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Nooze Hounds: Lucille Puckett Discusses Community Violence in Charlotte

Episode 33



For Episode 33 of the Nooze Hounds podcast, Ryan and Justin talk to Lucille Puckett, founder of Take Back Our H.O.O.D.S., about how she got started with violence interruption work and what that work has been like in an especially violent year in Charlotte. The trio also discussed the recently extended eviction moratorium, homelessness in Charlotte, and the upcoming city council elections. Puckett was named Local Hero in our recent Best in the Nest 2020 issue. You can read that and the rest of the City Life critics’ picks here

violence in Charlotte
Lucille Puckett at a protest in Charlotte this summer. Her organization Take Back Our H.O.O.D.S. works to curb community violence in Charlotte. (Photo by Lee Flythe)

In the map below, we have tracked each of the killings reported by CMPD in Charlotte this year. Each mark on the map represents a human life lost, and in a few cases multiple lives taken together. Pictures and descriptions are included in the interactive map. The black marks on the map indicate shooting deaths, red indicates a stabbing, while blue indicates that the cause of death is unknown. The green marks indicate the six cases that were later deemed “justified homicides” by CMPD detectives. 


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