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Where could your life have changed?
When could your life have changed?
*Peter or *BikingTooFastToSayHi
Describe what happened when you missed your connection
Completely optional and anonymous, just if you need a little help finding that special someone

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Did you miss me?

Skyhouse Uptown – October 24


Cute older (maybe 50ish) bald man, trying to get a package in the lobby. You were clearly upset about the fact that they misplaced your package. I talked to you as I was leaving my friends house but didn’t get the chance to give you my number. Let’s see what I can do with your package ;)

QuikTrip at Graham and Dalton – 3:30 a.m. Oct. 15


You were wearing grey sweatpants reaching for the chocolate milk. You took a lap around the store and got gas while looking for a phone charger. I was getting snacks and cigs at the register next to you. We locked eyes for a brief second as I was pulling through the parking lot. I’m glad you weren’t wearing a mask so I could see your face. You reminded me of home. I should have said hello.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden – October 14


You’re the dark haired goth who works the front desk of the gardens. I’m the blue haired goth with a cemetery tote bag. We shared our love of Halloween before you pointed me toward the orchid conservatory. Since you were working I didn’t want to come on too strong or do the wrong thing. I’d love to walk the garden with you sometime.

Corner of 4th and McDowell – Sometime in September (maybe 16th?)


You were crossing the street as I sat at the light in a gray Lexus. We made eye contact, both smiled big, and you blew me a kiss with both arms out, which I returned. You stopped when you got to the other side of the street and looked back at me before walking a little further and looking back again. The light turned green.

Trolley Barn – October 9


You were walking by in all denim and a cowboy hat. You were carrying two coolers and walking with a group of friends. I was upstairs on the balcony and couldn’t get to you to say hi. Based on your outfit, I think we are soul mates <3

Harrisburg Food Lion – Mid October

TheresJustSomethingAboutMia (TJSAM)

I never saw such beautiful lips and eyes ever! Your tall..maybe 6ft 3 and slim with dark brown skin and braids.. if I can’t have you, can I clone you?

Plaza Midwood Bar Bathroom – October 12


To the girl sniffing a white powdery substance in the gender neutral bathroom. When I accidentally opened the door on you and you screamed “get the fuxk out of here weirdo” I think I feel in love. If you’d like to come watch shrek with me please lmk!

NoDa Company Store – October 12


You brought your smaller shaggy dog (shih tzu maybe) to say hi to my bigger dog. My dog wasn’t behaving the best so I was little too flustered to properly engage in conversation.

Blue Flowers – Early October


You were looking at gummies, I was simply trying to muster the courage to say Hello!


I’m usually there on the weekends…don’t mention your boyfriend next time. He never comes in with you so it’s clearly not serious

Salty Parrot Brewing – September 7

Satoshi Nakamoto

You were getting a beer and tried to pay with Bitcoin . You dropped your satoshis on the floor so I came by to help you pick them up. Our heads collided, we smiled at each other and not sure about you, but I was lost into the windows of your soul for a good hash.

The energy between us felt like it could power the whole Bitcoin network forever.

Let’s connect!

I’m at Salty Parrot every 2nd and 4th Saturday

Matthews downtown church parking lot – April 24

Latina In A GMC

He was leaving the parking lot when I arrived, smiled at me and left. Two minutes later he was back and parked right next to me and started to talk to me. I pretended I didn’t speak English because I got nervous and where I come from that situation would be highly dangerous. He tried really hard to talk to me in Spanish and never got out of his car and I insisted I had to go home, he looked disappointed and I think he found out I was faking my poor English.

Circle K on 3rd Street – October 8


I pulled up to the pump next to you and smiled because something about you just drew that out. I thought about saying something but didn’t. You stared for a half second and then despite the rain falling from the sky you took the time to wipe and wash your grey truck windows. Were you waiting for me to say something? I finished filling up my tank and we both got into our cars at the same time. I looked over and you looked at me and we both smiled. You pulled out of the parking lot, and I followed, but you went to lunch and I back to work. If you see this, next time, I’d like to chance to say something.

Amos Southend

Balcony Blondie

At the Anthony Green show at Amos, you are a 30 something dark hair female with some tattoos. You were by yourself and I didn’t have the guts to say anything. I was on the balcony most of the night, but for the last few songs came down to the floor and was kind of in your vicinity. Wondering if you noticed me also?

Publix in South End


I was looking at strawberries in Publix and you also backed into me. You then proceeded to tell me that organic strawberries are always the best. I pointed out that the regular ones were $2 cheaper. You said that organic would add an hour to my life, and wasn’t an hour of life worth $2? I said you converted me, and I bought the organic strawberries, but I forgot to ask if you were going to take me out with the extra hour of life you gave me.

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