missed connections charlotte
Where could your life have changed?
When could your life have changed?
*Peter or *BikingTooFastToSayHi
Describe what happened when you missed your connection
Completely optional and anonymous, just if you need a little help finding that special someone

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Did you miss me?


Hi Wire Brewing – MDW 2023


I was stacking glasses at my table. My friends caught a picture and you were looking on in the background. I saw you one time after that but wasn’t able to introduce myself. I was the redhead in all black/gray athleisure. You were wearing a white shirt with a green button down corduroy

Underground Charlotte – April 6


Looking for the guy doing the Macarena in the pit with a girl during the Armor for Sleep set at the Underground during the Hawthorne Heights/Armor for Sleep show.


PetCo – December


You gave Opal the best booty scratches and a bounty of treats!

Common Market South End – November 30


You were on the clock and I was enjoying some sours while I wrote. We watched Studio Gibli landscapes and you introduced me to Adult Swims Ambient mix. The green sour you recommend hit the spot and it seemed like you would too.


I know you’re name is Ted but I never got to tell you mine and I was too nervous to tell you how cute you were. Lets go for a drink and nosh in a place where neither of us is working and I can tell you how cute you are in person.

Whole Foods, Fairview Rd – Mid November


I was casually shopping with my daughter walking through the aisles. You were stocking shelves and when I went over to the next aisle you followed me. When I turned around I asked you where the brown sugar was. You were very tall and I thought you were very handsome and I would love to get to know you. And I noticed you were not wearing a ring on your finger so hopefully you’re single!

Warehouse Rave – Mid November


We were cuddling on a couch in the smoking tent. Vibing really well.. it was nice… you said it was time, told me to come with… I turned around to talk to someone and you were gone. I want to see you again..

Resident Culture – October 29, 2022


We were both waiting to get served at the back bar. You were Velma and I was the Joker. You asked about my makeup. If you see this, I would love to connect and go on a date.

Cava – September 2022


You were eating lunch with either your aunt or cousin from out of town. She was blonde and pleasantly plump & in town on biz. U were from home but are on a new project. U spoke of relocating back to Boston. We made eye contact several times. Not sure if the attraction was mutual but hit me up. I’d rock your world.

Taco Bell (Mystery Man) – September


You startled me by popping up on foot between the drive-thru window and mine. You apologized but wanted to retrieve your door dash since the doors were locked. We briefly chatted the Elton John and Drew Holcomb shows while they checked for your order. Just as I was appreciating your kind eyes, nice smile, and the way you rocked those short-shorts, management interrupted to give you hell for walking and not waiting in the car line. I snapped out of my daze and realized I’d already been given my food. I panicked and drove off to not hold up the line. I wish I’d claimed you were with my car so they’d just hand over your meal. I hope you got your double cheesy steak fix and made it home okay, John R. I’d love to catch music and perhaps share a spicy snack with you soon.

Sephora on South Blvd – August 20


Cant believe im doing this but. I was trying to find a new perfume for myself for some retail therapy. You were wearing a black shirt & glasses. You pointed out a scent for me & I immediately loved it. I was having a bad day & didnt want to talk, but my heart has been fluttering since I got home. Wish we could’ve spoken more. Hope you remember the girl in yellow :)

The Streets of South End – Summer 2021


I ran into you while you were walking to a friends house after the bars closed & we hit it off. You used to come over after most nights out and we’d eat drunk munchies, smoke, cuddle and i would play the piano for you. You thought I did that with “all the girls” but it was only ever you. My work schedule got in the way and we haven’t talked in over 10 months, I tried to text but you changed your number. I saw that unmistakable smile about a week back at gin mill but you were with a guy and I assumed by the way yall looked at each other that you are together. If not, slide into my DMs….I miss my Jersey girl.

Thirsty Beaver – Mid July


You were playing pool at the table next to me. I told you I liked your mullet, and then we got to talking about how you moved here from Brooklyn. Kept catching your eye after that. Wish I had asked for your number, but you disappeared when I went to the bathroom.

CLT – July 23


We sat next to one another on a flight to CLT. Chatted about our careers, what we’re watching, and life. We were separated getting off the flight. At the very least I wanted to wish you luck with your upcoming trip. Good luck, and have fun.

Optimist Hall – November 2020


We met after big break ups and got really serious really fast. My anxiety got in the way, and I know that’s what ended it. I’m better now and I hope you’re happy but I sometimes feel like you’re the one that got away. Oh well, I moved to Oregon. HMU if ur single again.

Aldi, Fort Mill – July 4


You mentioned my sweater and we got to chatting about various things; your recent move to the area from Indiana

RiRa – Mid July


u were with ur friend and about to leave, i was standing right next to u and commented on ur leg tattoos and u said u liked my nails and i blushed… lmfao but anyways i was too shy to say anything at the time but if ur single or interested i would like to get to know u better

Tyber Creek Pub – Saturday, July 9


Hi! I danced with a guy last night and his group dipped before I could ask for his name. Late night, Tyber creek, upstairs and we danced in the middle of the dance circle. You were wearing a baseball cap and a cute smile.

Jeff’s House (I don’t know his last name) – Sometime in June


You were wearing a torn up Fall Out Boy t-shirt with some kind of jean skirt. We made eye contact in the basement and started talking about bands and comparing tattoos. You liked the tiger stripes on my arm. I liked your tongue piercing — it was the gnarliest I’d ever seen. You got that special mystique. One in a billion.


I was gonna ask for your number, but I thought you were dating Jeff. Anyway, he’s a douchebag. Hit me up and we’ll make something happen.

Plaza Midwood – Summertime


We’re neighbors on Hawthorne. The few times we’ve seen each other from afar, you stared me down. When I came around the corner today, I caught that school-boy smile steal across your face. But when we passed on the sidewalk, you didn’t even say hello. Just got into your Ram and drove off. Up close you’re even bigger than I expected. So, you tryin to fuck or what?

Planet Fitness Uptown – June 21 at 12:30 p.m.


We were working out at the same time and kept playing eye tag. I find you captivating and would love to get to know you more. You have a few cool thigh tattoos. I was about to come talk to you, but the elevator went up before I could get to you!

Yafo SouthPark – June 3 at 7 p.m.


I asked about your order at Yafo and somehow we connected over Brussel Sprouts, the show The Boys, and debated Yafo v Cava in the 2 minutes we were in line. I like your man bun. No I don’t work in swim wear but nice try.

The Brickyard – Late May


I struck up a conversation with two beautiful gals who were from Raleigh – I was intending on getting the info of the cute one with the septum ring (name was a country) but they left before I could. I know this is a long shot anyway considering she just graduated college anyway, but. Would love to somehow hear back from her, either snap (mine is pmules) or otherwise. Thought we had hit it off is all – hope things go well for her and her friend regardless!

Lucky Dog Bark & Brew LKN – Mid May


You were a local couple with a silver lab and a rescue. We really hit it off talking about hiking and dogs. I’m from MT, we talked about hiking the area and real estate/ work. I should have gotten your number(s)!

Charles Sifford Golf Course – Saturday, May 7


to the guy who told me i had a nice shot on hole 5 or 6… my heart sunk when i saw you with a lady, and then melted when i saw you were playing with your MOM. let’s go on a date—i would let you mansplain golf to me any day. sincerely the blonde in the black dress

Illicit Smoking Section at BofA – Kenny Chesney Concert


You might have just been waiting for your friend but I think that second smoke was because you enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. You’ll always be an architect to me even if they won’t let you design the skyline.

Thirsty Beaver Saloon – Friday, April 29, 2022


You talked with our friend group for a while, and I said you look like Harry Styles, especially the hair and the tattoos. We joked about how you were not going to play pool with your friends, because it’s not your best activity. I should have asked for your number before you left, but missed connections is the 2nd best thing?

Lucky Dog Bark & Brew – Monday, April 15, 2022


You sat across from me on a bench at Lucky Dog, wearing a blue & red checkered button down. I was by myself at a table. Your shaggy white dog played with mine on the plastic steps & you laughed. We locked eyes a few times, but I don’t know if it meant anything? Anyway, you’re hot as hell, thanks for gracing us all with your presence.

Veterans Memorial Park – April 19, 2022


You were throwing tennis balls to your two dachshunds on the baseball field; I was walking my puppy around the park and couldn’t help admiring the tall cute guy playing with his dogs. I was too shy to go up to you or say anything. I have no way of even knowing if you’re single, but worth a shot, right?

Roxbury – March 4, 2022


To the girl that I danced with at Roxbury on Friday night, please come back into my life lol. We danced right in front of the bar in the basement, with your friends. Until you all went to the bathroom (I knew they were ready to leave but you wasn’t). You have dark hair, like a blackish color, and beautiful blue eyes. Yeah, come back. Love u

Mere’s on Park Road – Mid February


Overheard you complaining to your friends about how your ex-husband stuck you with a Shiba Inu & 2 inconsiderate twin sons so he could be in a happier loveless marriage. All that hate is Hott! Let’s drink a lot of wine & repress your childhood issues together…

Roots Cafe South End – Late January


You were in line ahead of me when an Avett Brothers song came on, we made eye contact & both groaned. You mentioned your ex-BF forced you to become an Avetts fan & then cheated on you, I laughed & said my ex-GF did the same thing to me. We agreed ex’s are whores, then your to go order came up before I could ask for your number. I still hate the Avett Brothers, let’s hate the Foo Fighters too & laugh about it!

Starbucks on Providence – Morning of January 24th


I swerved frantically into the parking lot to scoop up my mobile order, not realizing I entered a one way lot via the exit. Then I saw your black SUV patiently waiting for me to recognize the cluster that was brewing. Reversing seemed like the answer, but then I found myself pinned between you and another car trying to back out of a spot behind me. I was officially “that” person causing a parking spot stand-off. So, I pulled into the adjacent handicap space hoping both cars would pass, and I would try again. Instead, you rolled down your window, presumably seeing my overly dramatic facial expression, and kindly offered me to take the newly opened spot. At your insistence, I flipped it and reversed it Missy Elliott style and dashed into the store. As I was heading towards the door to leave, treats in hand, there you were again, chivalrously holding the door for me to exit. I thanked you and apologized for causing the parking lot debaucle before scurrying away. I missed giving you my number, so I can treat you to a coffee date.

Coyote Joes – January 2022

TooShyToSayHi II

You were in a leather jacket, you had a bunch of girls around you and I wasn’t sure if you were dating one of them so I was too intimidated to say anything. You have a killer smile and I love how you’re so friendly with everyone. I wish I introduced myself.

CATS train leaving Hornets game – Jan. 5, 2022


I was talking to you about Sopranos on the way home from the Hornets game on 1/5/22. Hornets crushed the Pistons. My KU boy Oubre scored 32 points. We started talking about Sopranos and you asked if Chris’ fiancé dies? Finish the show, find me, and talk Sopranos to me. You got off at New Bern.


Undercurrent Coffee – Dec. 31, 2021


You came in ready to work but you immediately caught my attention while you were in line for coffee. I smiled and as you walked by the second time and our eyes met. You smiled back and looked at me as if you wanted to say hi but I was with a group of friends. You were not wearing a ring and I told my friend to give you my number as I was too shy to say hi. She, in fact, didn’t – so here I am. Hoping you see this and will return the connection

Open Kitchen – December 23


I was eating dinner w my family and you were a waitress and you saw me and winked at me and then we smiled at each other every time you walked by and then as we were leaving I complimented your blue hair.

Mallard Creek – Monday, December 20


You drove a yellow car and flashed “I love you” in sign language at me at a stoplight. I assumed you liked one of my bumper stickers, and wanted to know which one. Was really wanting to know what prompted this which made my day- I’m hoping it was a specific sticker. Then I noticed my sweater had come undone so maybe that was it after all.

Ed’s Tavern – Thursday, December 2


You were with a group of your guy friends at Ed’s for trivia. I was sitting at the bar with a guy friend. We locked eyes a handful of times and I was too nervous to come up to you. You were wearing a baseball cap and had light colored eyes, and your table was near the emcee hosting trivia. If you’re single, let’s connect.

Sanctuary Imports – ~3 weeks ago


You were looking for a specific type of stone and the sales associate was helping you. Your energy was just refreshing and I could tell that you were cute despite being masked. I really appreciate a guy who’s into the metaphysical and spiritual stuff and I would have chatted with you but I was shy and didn’t want to interrupt.

Lost and Found – Saturday night, November 20


We locked eyes a couple times. I wrote my number on a napkin and gave it to you and told you to text me. Did you lose the napkin?

QT near Camp North End – November 23


You helped get the guy harassing/hitting on me to leave me alone before going back to pumping your tank. I said thank you before driving off but should’ve asked for your number instead.

Circle K, Waxhaw – Thursday midnight – 11/4/2021


I was microwaving a burrito when you came into the gas station in uniform, all blonde hair and glasses. When I saw you I literally said under my breath “Oh my God that is the hottest cop in the state of North Carolina”, kinda hoping you didn’t hear it, kinda hoping you did. I contemplated getting myself arrested for something just so we’d have occasion to talk.

Rail Trail (South End) – October 30 ~ Early afternoon


I was running on the rail trail Saturday morning/afternoon. I kept passing a guy in a grey shortsleeve hoodie with the hood up running with his dog. I felt like we kept making eye contact and running past each other multiple times, hello sir

Dilworth House Party – October 30


At a random Halloween house party, you were dressed as Scuba Steve. We talked for a second about your dog. My group and I disappeared before the Squid Games began. I suspected you were tied to someone there already, so didn’t engage as I wanted to. If I’m wrong, come find me.

Skyhouse Uptown – October 24


Cute older (maybe 50ish) bald man, trying to get a package in the lobby. You were clearly upset about the fact that they misplaced your package. I talked to you as I was leaving my friends house but didn’t get the chance to give you my number. Let’s see what I can do with your package ;)

QuikTrip at Graham and Dalton – 3:30 a.m. Oct. 15


You were wearing grey sweatpants reaching for the chocolate milk. You took a lap around the store and got gas while looking for a phone charger. I was getting snacks and cigs at the register next to you. We locked eyes for a brief second as I was pulling through the parking lot. I’m glad you weren’t wearing a mask so I could see your face. You reminded me of home. I should have said hello.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden – October 14


You’re the dark haired goth who works the front desk of the gardens. I’m the blue haired goth with a cemetery tote bag. We shared our love of Halloween before you pointed me toward the orchid conservatory. Since you were working I didn’t want to come on too strong or do the wrong thing. I’d love to walk the garden with you sometime.

Corner of 4th and McDowell – Sometime in September (maybe 16th?)


You were crossing the street as I sat at the light in a gray Lexus. We made eye contact, both smiled big, and you blew me a kiss with both arms out, which I returned. You stopped when you got to the other side of the street and looked back at me before walking a little further and looking back again. The light turned green.

Trolley Barn – October 9


You were walking by in all denim and a cowboy hat. You were carrying two coolers and walking with a group of friends. I was upstairs on the balcony and couldn’t get to you to say hi. Based on your outfit, I think we are soul mates <3

Harrisburg Food Lion – Mid October

TheresJustSomethingAboutMia (TJSAM)

I never saw such beautiful lips and eyes ever! Your tall..maybe 6ft 3 and slim with dark brown skin and braids.. if I can’t have you, can I clone you?

Plaza Midwood Bar Bathroom – October 12


To the girl sniffing a white powdery substance in the gender neutral bathroom. When I accidentally opened the door on you and you screamed “get the fuxk out of here weirdo” I think I feel in love. If you’d like to come watch shrek with me please lmk!

NoDa Company Store – October 12


You brought your smaller shaggy dog (shih tzu maybe) to say hi to my bigger dog. My dog wasn’t behaving the best so I was little too flustered to properly engage in conversation.

Blue Flowers – Early October


You were looking at gummies, I was simply trying to muster the courage to say Hello!


I’m usually there on the weekends…don’t mention your boyfriend next time. He never comes in with you so it’s clearly not serious

Salty Parrot Brewing – September 7

Satoshi Nakamoto

You were getting a beer and tried to pay with Bitcoin . You dropped your satoshis on the floor so I came by to help you pick them up. Our heads collided, we smiled at each other and not sure about you, but I was lost into the windows of your soul for a good hash.

The energy between us felt like it could power the whole Bitcoin network forever.

Let’s connect!

I’m at Salty Parrot every 2nd and 4th Saturday

Matthews downtown church parking lot – April 24

Latina In A GMC

He was leaving the parking lot when I arrived, smiled at me and left. Two minutes later he was back and parked right next to me and started to talk to me. I pretended I didn’t speak English because I got nervous and where I come from that situation would be highly dangerous. He tried really hard to talk to me in Spanish and never got out of his car and I insisted I had to go home, he looked disappointed and I think he found out I was faking my poor English.

Circle K on 3rd Street – October 8


I pulled up to the pump next to you and smiled because something about you just drew that out. I thought about saying something but didn’t. You stared for a half second and then despite the rain falling from the sky you took the time to wipe and wash your grey truck windows. Were you waiting for me to say something? I finished filling up my tank and we both got into our cars at the same time. I looked over and you looked at me and we both smiled. You pulled out of the parking lot, and I followed, but you went to lunch and I back to work. If you see this, next time, I’d like to chance to say something.

Amos Southend

Balcony Blondie

At the Anthony Green show at Amos, you are a 30 something dark hair female with some tattoos. You were by yourself and I didn’t have the guts to say anything. I was on the balcony most of the night, but for the last few songs came down to the floor and was kind of in your vicinity. Wondering if you noticed me also?

Publix in South End


I was looking at strawberries in Publix and you also backed into me. You then proceeded to tell me that organic strawberries are always the best. I pointed out that the regular ones were $2 cheaper. You said that organic would add an hour to my life, and wasn’t an hour of life worth $2? I said you converted me, and I bought the organic strawberries, but I forgot to ask if you were going to take me out with the extra hour of life you gave me.

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