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Nooze Hounds: Carolina Migrant Network Reshapes the Narrative

Episode 35

Carolina Migrant Network
Stefania Arteaga (left) and Becca O’Neill of Carolina Migrant Network appear on Nooze Hounds. (Photo by Ryan Pitkin)

On Episode 35 of the Nooze Hounds podcast, Ryan and Justin talk to Stefania Arteaga and Becca O’Neill, co-founders of Carolina Migrant Network, which provides free legal representation in immigration bond proceedings to individuals detained by ICE.


The group talked about the work being done by Carolina Migrant Network, which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary while gaining 501c3 status, and how they’re pushing back on the narrative promoted by many on the left that only “good” immigrants deserve a path to citizenship. The group also touches on topics such as local immigration raids by ICE, the inherent racism of immigration law in the United States and the transition of power to Joe Biden’s administration.

Read here to learn more about the case of Kelvin Silva that’s discussed on the podcast. Silva is a Charlotte resident who was taken into custody by ICE after serving a prison sentence and handed down a deportation order due to a law that was made obsolete 20 years ago. Also in the episode, the group finds time to dip into some other local news topics such as the new Charlotte city council appointment and solutions to local homelessness. 

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