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Nooze Hounds: City Council District 1 Rep-Elect Dante Anderson

Episode 57

Dante Anderson stands in front of a vibrantly covered wall, wearing a Pat Metheny t-shirt.
Dante Anderson will become the new District 1 rep on Charlotte City Council this year. (Photo by Ryan Pitkin)

Nooze Hounds returns this week after a three-month hiatus for a one-on-one chat between Ryan Pitkin and Dante Anderson, the newly elected District 1 rep for Charlotte City Council. Anderson beat out two fellow Democrats in Tuesday’s primary and will run unopposed in July’s general election.


Anderson will fill the seat left vacant by Larken Egleston, who ran for an at-large seat this year but came up short in Tuesday’s primary. 

Stay tuned for an interview with Dante Anderson’s fellow newcomer to council, Marjorie Molina, who won the primary in District 5 on Tuesday and will fill council member Matt Newton’s seat, as she will also run unopposed in the general election. 

The two discuss Dante’s upbringing in Southside Homes and the future of that neighborhood in light of what’s happened at the neighboring Brookhill Village.

They also go into the future of District 1 and all of its diverse neighborhoods, including the media’s portrayal of life in Hidden Valley as opposed to its realities, the changing face of NoDa, the corporate culture of Uptown and much more. 

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