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Nooze Hounds: No Limit Larry and Adrienne Threatt Talk Homelessness in Charlotte

Episode 36

homelessness in Charlotte
The Nooze Hounds crew (from left) Ryan Pitkin, Adrienne Threatt, Larry Mims and Justin LaFrancois discuss homelessness in Charlotte. (Photo by Sarah Pollock)

On episode 36 of the Nooze Hounds podcast, Justin and Ryan talk to Adrienne Threatt, co-founder and executive director of Hope Vibes; and Larry Mims, aka No Limit Larry, co-host of the Morning Maddhouse on Power 98 and lead organizer with Block Love CLT, about homelessness in Charlotte. 

The group discusses Charlotte City Council member Malcolm Graham’s recent op-ed in the Charlotte Observer regarding what should be done at Tent City, to which Threatt published a response in the pages of Queen City Nerve. They also talk about the shelter system, actionable solutions to homelessness in Charlotte and misperceptions about our homeless neighbors. 


In the second half, the group talks about the recent re-appointment of Greg Phipps to Charlotte City Council and a Gastonia man who needs to be kept away from phones and weapons for the rest of his life. Read more about the work that Block Love CLT does in the community here, and more about the work of Hope Vibes here

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