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Nooze Hounds: Two Michaels Talk Marijuana in North Carolina

Episode 45

marijuana in North Carolina
Michael Sims (left and Michael Brooks discuss a range of issues around marijuana legalization in North Carolina on the latest episode of Nooze Hounds. (Photo by Ryan Pitkin)

On episode 45 of the Nooze Hounds podcast, we talked to Michael Sims, co-founder of Charlotte CBD; and Michael Brooks, founder of, both of whom have spent much of their energy in recent years lobbying for the full legalization of marijuana in North Carolina.


This latest episode was spurred by recent news of the proposed Compassionate Care Act, or Senate Bill 711, which would create an infrastructure for the legal manufacturing, production and distribution of medical marijuana for patients suffering from a select range of conditions deemed debilitating enough to justify its use.

Building on the conversation around Senate Bill 711, the guys discuss the broader efforts around legalizing marijuana in North Carolina, including aspects around decriminalization and racial inequity in how the drug war is implemented, how border states like Virginia will profit from a lack of movement in our state, and a number of other issues related to the topic.

You can read Michael Brooks’ op-ed regarding Senate Bill 711 here. You can read more about Michael Sims and his team’s experience opening Charlotte CBD in 2018 here.  

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