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Nooze Hounds: Mrs. Black NC International Ambassador Mallory Foxx

Episode 81

Mrs. Black North Carolina International Ambassador stands in front of a black background with a sash and a crown.
Mrs. Black North Carolina International Ambassador Mallory Foxx. (Photo by Ryan Pitkin)

On episode 81 of the Nooze Hounds podcast, Ryan talks to Mallory Foxx about her journey from the juvenile justice system to the pageant circuit, where she’ll soon compete for the title of Mrs. Black International Ambassador 2023, and how mentoring changed her life, inspiring her to launch her organization Mentoring M.I.N.D.S.

We discuss how a rebellious phase during her upbringing in a single-mother household in Gastonia led to trouble with the law, and how just a handful of folks standing up for a so-called “at-risk” youth when she needed it the most ended up turning her life around.

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We also discuss how she got involved in the pageantry circuit, what that system looks like today, and why she’s especially excited to represent Charlotte in the Mrs. Black International Ambassador 2023 pageant in Atlanta next month.

The Miss Black International Ambassador Organization (MBIA) also known is “the longest standing beauty pageant created by strong black women for black women.” MBIA’s core values are to have distinguished women who serve as ambassadors of change as well as create opportunities for women of color by uplifting, empowering and enlightening today’s modern global agents.

Also on the episode, Foxx discusses her day job in construction and development as well as her side job, where she’s turned her artistic passion for creativity into a business; Foxx is the founder and owner of The Bling Society Balloons and Events, LLC, where she works as a balloon stylist for private and corporate events. Check Mallory out on Instagram.

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