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Nooze Hounds: Stacy Phillips, Advocate For our Homeless Neighbors

In Episode 16 of our Nooze Hounds podcast, Ryan and Justin talk to Huntersville commissioner Stacy Phillips, who has been working on the ground with our homeless neighbors since high school. We discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has made things harder for those folks, while also chatting about the Reopen NC movement, drinking habits during quarantine and an ocular melanoma cluster in Huntersville that spurred Stacy to take action. 

For some important context on our conversation, be sure to read our cover story on how the homeless population is handling the COVID-19 crisis here. Also, check out Queen City Podcast Network for other great Charlotte-based podcasts, and remember, you can also find us on Spotify and damn near all other places where you find podcasts. Visit Stacy’s Facebook page, Connect Meck with Kindness, for ideas on how you can help. 

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