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PHOTOS: Lucius Charms a Packed Visulite Theatre

Two women performing as Lucius sing into microphones wearing black and white dresses.
Lucius performs at Visulite Theatre on April 15. (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

For more than a decade, Lucius has defined itself by vocal harmonies and a catchy pop-rock ethos. Those characteristics were on full, charming display at Visulite Theatre in Elizabeth on Saturday night.

Singers Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, dressed in similar black and white outfits, showcased a performance that supplied a new level of stage presence from that seen at their previous Charlotte concerts (opening for Tegan and Sara at the Fillmore in 2014, then opening for My Morning Jacket at the Uptown Amphitheatre in 2015; they also headlined the Visulite in 2016.)

Two women performing as Lucius stand no stage with keytars singing into their respective microphones
Lucius performs at Visulite Theatre on April 15. (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

In previous outings, the duo was often seen facing each other behind dual keyboards for most of the set, seemingly focused on syncing their stellar vocals. This time around, Lucius was ready to put on a show. Wolfe and Laessig were rarely behind the dual keyboards positioned at the back of the stage. Instead, they were front and center, microphones in hand and sometimes with a keytar around the neck.

They beat on a drum, shook a tambourine and paired up for an occasional dance. With only a couple of shows left on the current leg of their tour, one could easily see and hear the benefits of being back on the road; they were simply having fun and the crowd soaked up every moment.

Two women stand onstage wearing disco-ball dresses and singing.
Lucius performs at Visulite Theatre on April 15. (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

There wasn’t much banter aside from introducing a cousin and teaching the audience a few dance moves, but it wasn’t needed. Lucius offered the cathartic release some were looking for while others sang and danced the night away. People of all ages could be seen singing along to songs of loss and love and it didn’t look like a person had left the room until the band’s encore was over.

It’s also worth noting that the singers spent the first song of the encore in the middle of the crowd with a lone spotlight shining on their disco-ball inspired outfits.

Two women stand in the middle of the crowd with a spotlight shining down on them wearing disco-ball dresses
Lucius performs at Visulite Theatre on April 15. (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

Lucius may not have the radio hits some might be searching for, but when the music and vocal harmonies are this good (they sing just about every word to every song together at the same time), who cares about hits? The band’s catalog is worth a listen from start to finish and those in attendance on Saturday night got a heaping helping of it.

Danielle Ponder, who opened the show, has a 10-year plan to get a Vegas residency and her powerhouse, soulful vocals showed she’s well on her way.

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Lucius setlist
Second Nature
Next to Normal
How Loud Your Heart Gets
The Man I’ll Never Find
Dusty Trails
Go Home
Until We Get There
Stranger Danger

Two of Us on the Run
Turn It Around / I Feel Love

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