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Queen City Nerve Talks to CMPD at Day 7 of Charlotte Protests

Millions of people have now seen the video of CMPD officers trapping protesters and choking them out with tear gas on East Fourth Street on Tuesday night during the fifth day of Charlotte protests. On Thursday night, Q.C. Nerve publisher Justin LaFrancois got a chance to talk to CMPD spokesperson Rob Tufano after he launched his own Facebook Live stream from the department’s account. They discussed what happened on Tuesday and plenty more. Here is the full conversation. 


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  1. I want to thank you for your coverage of day and night protests here in Charlotte. I watched live as you were trapped and escaped the ambush. My heart skipped a beat, I gasped, I yelled.
    I overheard a snippet today that you’ve walked 70 miles!
    You should receive a journalistic award for your coverage.
    Thank you for showing us what’s really happening, and without spin.

  2. I watched the appointed CMPD PR person attempt to twist words and use word play to drive the narrative towards what his live cmpd audience wanted to hear. He wanted to find justifications for the unnecessary actions that the protesters were protesting. His questions, comments, and justifications were nothing different than all of the other people who think that people should sit down, shut up, and find a different way to protest and let their voice be heard. His outward display of condescending, narcissistic, and demonizing behavior, fully demonstrates the need for accountability and transparency within the police department. He was successful at creating the narrative to appease the morally inept individuals that he is paid to protect… the “bad apples” within the police department. He is rude and condescending, and the way he spoke and dismissed Kristie Puckett Williams further exhibits his mentality and attitude towards the necessary change that needs to occur. He stayed within his conversational comfort zone by dismissing her and continuing to talk to Justin. Years of pain, anger, and anguish can’t always be presented in a soft, calming, monotone voice… sooner or later they must hear the voice of the affected… that’s when they may fully understand. Thank you for everything Justin and Ryan… we love you!

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