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Resident Culture Brewing Co. Releases Hard Seltzer for the Summer

Yard Ripper set to drop during Daylight Disco

A grapefruit splashes into a glass of clear Yard Ripper hard seltzer from Resident Culture
Resident Culture will release its Yard Ripper hard seltzer line during a party at its South End location on April 15. (Photo by Chris Rodarte)

Known for its hop-forward lagers and experimental releases, Resident Culture Brewing Co. has turned its focus to refreshment as the summer nears, with the brewery set to release its first hard seltzer line on April 15. 

Dubbed Yard Ripper, the line will come in 12-ounce cans with three different fruity flavors: lime, grapefruit and peach — all made with real fruit, according to a release put out on Monday. 

“Our seltzer is crisp, light and easy to crush (or rip) — basically like a smooth sparkling flavored water,” said Chris Tropeano, Resident Culture co-owner and director of brewing operations. “The flavoring product we use is 100% real fruit with no other additives. It tastes super fresh and natural.” 

According to the release, the team at Resident Culture found the seltzer-making process similar to the beer-making process that they’re familiar with, including fermenting simple sugars to create the alcoholic base and carbon-filtering the liquid to purify it. They then add dehydrated fruit crystals to enhance the flavor.

“Our team is passionate about refined liquids and bubbles, so hard seltzer made sense for our next phase of growth,” says Amanda McLamb, Resident Culture co-owner and CEO. “We are so proud of the final product our brew team has been toying with and perfecting for years.”

The trial-and-error process was not all about science; there was plenty of other experimentation happening on the tasting end of things. 

Cans of Yard Ripper hard seltzer are stacked upon each other with some sliced limes leaning up against them.
All three Yard Ripper flavors are made with real fruit. (Photo by Chris Rodarte)

“Our team has played, critiqued and sampled our way through many games of disc golf and kickball to finally land on the recipes we’re most excited to share with Charlotte and beyond,” stated co-owner and COO Phillip McLamb in the release.  

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Designed by in-house illustrator Maryssa Pickett, Yard Ripper’s label features a 1980s synthwave aesthetic. 

Keeping that theme, Resident Culture will throw an ’80s-themed launch party on the day of the release: Saturday, April 15 from 2-7 p.m. at Resident Culture South End during its weekly Daylight Disco party, featuring giveaways, photo ops, a specialty menu from El Toro Bruto and drink specials.

In February, El Toro Bruto expanded its operations inside Resident Culture’s South End location, which opened in 2021, into a full-service dining experience. The restaurant’s chef and founder Hector González-Mora was named Best Chef in Queen City Nerve’s 2022 Best in the Nest issue

Yard Ripper will be available in single cans as well as six packs that will be available at Resident Culture’s taprooms on Central Avenue and in South End, as well as at all Resident Culture distributors including Whole Foods, Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods. 

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