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Untitled Documentary Show: Sewercide Mansion Encounters

Episode 3

A woman sits in front of a plum-colored wall while retelling a story bout an encounter she had at Sewercide Mansion
Former Sewercide Mansion resident Sydney recalls an encounter.

In the latest episode of Untitled Documentary Show, former Sewercide Mansion resident Sydney tells of her own experience encountering an alien … or demon … or spirit. She’s open to whatever you’d like to call it, as she’ll explain right up front. 

Sewercide Mansion was a house in west Charlotte’s Wesley Heights neighborhood that was a split into a duplex by its tenants and once regularly hosted illegal house shows ranging from local punk bands to nationally known acts. You can read more about life at Sewercide Mansion in our recent feature on Dreamboat, a local rock foursome that includes at least one former resident of the house. 


Untitled Documentary Show is a mini-documentary series that chronicles the stories of different, interesting individuals in or around the city, created by Brett Green and Lindsey Miller.

Struck by the divisive nature and isolation of our current situation, series creators Brett Green and Lindsey Miller set out to prove the fact that we’re all different but we’re all the same. Green, a local filmmaker and musician, and Miller, a photographer and sociologist, both firmly believe that what appears to be mundane is often the most sublime.

“We thought it was important to showcase the people around the city who aren’t known for being artists in the traditional sense but through conversation show their talents and inventive ideas,” says Miller. 

In Episode 1 of the Untitled Documentary Show, Lindsey talked to Heriberto, a street preacher in east Charlotte. Episode 2 featured lifelong Charlottean Corey Zeigler showing Brett and Lindsey around his favorite west Charlotte spots of then and now, from Enderly Park to the Shuffletown drag strip.

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