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Nooze Hounds: Sil Ganzo of ourBRIDGE for KIDS

Episode 91

Sil Ganzo, executive director of ourBRIDGE for KIDS
Sil Ganzo, executive director of ourBRIDGE for KIDS. (Photo by Ryan Pitkin)

On episode 91 of the Nooze Hounds podcast, I talk to Sil Ganzo, founder and executive director of ourBRIDGE for KIDS, which launched as an after-school program for immigrant and refugee students in Charlotte in 2014.

Ganzo discusses her organization’s latest project, the Charlotte Is Home Center, which will provide low-cost health services, pro-bono immigration legal services, civic engagement programming, educational resources and other wraparound services to the local refugee and immigrant communities in east Charlotte when it opens later this month.

The center will be a collaboration between ourBRIDGE for KIDS, the Carolina Migrant Network, and the Charlotte Community Health Clinic.

“I really see this moment as historical for not only Charlotte but really on a national level,” said Carolina Migrant Network co-founder Becca O’Neill when construction kicked off in April. “We have excellent community-based health care services, childcare and after-school services, and immigration legal services all combined, coming together in the same space, which is something we’re told over and over again by communities is something they need.”

The organizations are still raising money to fully carry out their vision for the center. You can donate here.

During the episode, we also discuss Ganzo’s own history in Charlotte, the important role that Aldersgate has played in the growth of her organization, ourBRIDGE’s expansion into the Nations Ford corridor, and how she is broaching the possibility of Donald Trump becoming president with her students, among other topics.

There are a number of stories mentioned in the podcast that you can read below:

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