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Soundwave: Live Music in Charlotte

September 22 - October 5

live music at the whitewater center


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  • The Dead Tongues, Alexa Rose (Evening Muse)
    The Dead Tongues is a solo project of North Carolina folk-fusion artist Ryan Gustafson.
  • State Champs (Fillmore)
    Albany, New York pop-punk band State Champs specialize in songs that balance joy and angst.
  • Monachopsis, Family Video, Halloween Costume Contest (The Milestone)
    Charlotte progressive indie-rock quintet Monachopsis originally hailed from Myrtle Beach.
  • Motionless In White (Underground)
    Motionless in White blend the raw fury of metalcore with the dramatic atmospherics of goth-metal.
  • NO FUTURE Residency: The Emotron, Cheesus Crust, DJ Fat Keith Richards (Snug Harbor)
    The Emotron is a local performance art project based on composition on a vintage MIDI sequencer.



  • Anberlin (Fillmore)
    Orlando’s Anberlin present an alternative pop-rock sound inflected with the earnestness of emo.
  • Adelitas Way (Underground)
    Las Vegas rockers Adelitas Way land at the crossroads of grunge, alt metal and hard rock.
  • A-Minor, Sonido Sanchez, Zzzzaappp (Snug Harbor)
    An end of summer jam with three DJs.
  • Stephen Day, Carly Bannister (Evening Muse)
    Nashville’s Carly Bannister offers a refreshing take on the Music City sound.
  • Here Come the Mummies (Neighborhood Theatre)
    It’s terror from beyond the grave when this crack funk rock band plays under wraps in mummy garb.
  • Islander, Fear Until Fury (Amos’ Southend)
    Islander is an American alternative metal band from Greenville, South Carolina.
  • Eliza Neals (US National Whitewater Center)
    Eliza Neals is a blues-rock powerhouse vocalist, musician, producer and recording artist from Detroit.


  • Son Volt, John R. Miller (Visulite)
    Alt country rock veterans Son Volt define the genre.
  • Carolina Songwriters (Petra’s)
    Carolina Songwriter Night with Danny Platt, Molly McGinn & David Childers.


  • Thomas Robinson (Middle C Jazz)
    Thomas Robinson performs the blue-eyed soul songs of Hall & Oates, Robin Thicke, Ed Sheeran and more.



  • Erin & the Wildfire, Travers Brothership (Camp North End)
    Travers Brothership transforms soulful, blues-based rock ‘n’ roll into psychedelic jam.
  • Red Wanting Blue, Anthony D’Amato (Neighborhood Theatre)
    Red Wanting Blue have been hailed as Midwestern rock heroes by American Songwriter magazine.
  • Candlebox (Underground)
    Seattle post-grungers Candlebox are rooted in blues-based, classic-style hard rock.
  • That Guy Smitty, Jay Cooper (Snug Harbor)
    An iconic DJ presents “Deep Fried Disco.”
  • Alright, Gnawing, Dead Billionaires, Dipstick (The Milestone)
    Dead Billionaires play ramshackle rock ’n’ roll from Richmond, Virginia.
  • Brother Smith (US National Whitewater Center)
    Kentucky’s Brother Smith went from roots-driven acoustic duo to progressive and eclectic ensemble.


  • Sean McConnell, Tristan Bushman (Evening Muse)
    Singer-songwriter McConnell makes music that reflects the chaotic time in which it was made.


  • Jelly Roll (CMCU Amphitheatre)
    A 2013 dispute with Waffle House helped launch this Tennessee hardcore rapper’s career.


  • Julian Vaughn (Middle C Jazz)
    A Vaughn show includes love songs, funky songs, dance songs, ballads and the occasional fusion tune.



  • Lil Skritt, Dorm Rooms, Atticus Lane (Petra’s)
    Dorm rooms are a local indie-pop outfit created in a dorm room, naturally.
  • Valar Morghulis, The Silencing Machine (Skylark Social Club)
    In Game of Thrones lore, Valar morghulis translates to “all men must die” in High Valyrian.
  • Venus Invictus, Death Of August, Midnite Massacre (Tommy’s Pub)
    Venus Invictus is a self-described “independent Charlotte band that offers lively, high-energy music.
  • Trey Anastasio (CMCU Amphitheatre)
    Phish cofounder Anastasio explores musical pathways including atonal fugues and experimental free jazz.
  • Aaron Kamm and the One Drops (US National Whitewater Center)
    AKatOD merge roots reggae, Mississippi River blues, improv-laced jams, and soulful vocals.
  • Flame Tides, Careless Romantic, Thomas Palmes & The Groove Skeletons (Evening Muse)
    Charlotte’s groovy blues-rock duo Flame Tides share a stage with Q.C. alt-rock quartet Careless Romantic.
  • Ultima Nota, DJ Nick Martin (Snug Harbor)
    Five-piece Ultima Nota boasts members from Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico and El Salvador.


  • State Property (Underground)
    Launched by Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel, State Property is a slick rap consortium.
  • NiiTO, Aarik (Evening Muse)
    NiiTO’s sound blurs the lines between R&B, rock, pop, soul, funk, jazz, blues and more.



  • Alan Davis (Tommy’s Pub)
    A Celtic session of jigs, reels, airs, and tunes cursing Oliver Cromwell.


  • Band of Horses (Fillmore)
    Band of Horses specialize in woodsy mid-tempo rock and reverb-laden vocals.
  • Somnuri, And I Become Death, Angel Massacre (The Milestone)
    Somnuri is a Brooklyn-based sludge-metal trio.
  • Sam on Sunday: Stillhouse Junkies (Evening Muse)
    Colorado band that plays a delirious, head-spinning mixture of roots, blues, funk, swing and bluegrass music.


  • Mod Son (Underground)
    Minnesota rapper Derek Smith drummed in Four Letter Lie before striking out on his own as Mod Sun.



  • Find Your Muse Open Mic (Evening Muse)
    Two songs or 10 minutes maximum (all originals preferred). Spoken-word and standup welcomed.
  • Cabinet (Heist Brewery)
    Northeast Pennsylvania’s Cabinet specialize in psychedelic roots rock and folk-grass.


  • The Bill Hanna Legacy Jazz Session (Petra’s)
    A rotating crew of top jazz players pay tribute to Charlotte’s godfather of jazz.



  • Anthony Green (Amos’ Southend)
    Singer Anthony Green has had a hand in many bands throughout the 1990s and 2000s.
  • Lorna Shore (Neighborhood Theatre)
    Lorna Shore are brutal purveyors of deathcore and metalcore.
  • Holy Wave, Peel Dream Magazine, Boy A/C (Snug Harbor)
    Holy wave is an eclectic band of multi-instrumentalists from El Paso, TX.
  • Jordy Searcy, William Hinson, Marielle Kraft (Evening Muse)
    Searchy pens poignant, insightful lyrics that pinpoint the human experience.
  • Jeffrey Dallet, The OTS, Januryknife (The Milestone)
    Jeffrey Dallet is a touring Denver, Colorado singer-songwriter-guitarist.


  • Greta Rose, Steve Simpson, Al Lemmond & Duane Centola (Tommy’s Pub)
    A songwriters session featuring influences and originals with host Paul Lover.



  • Otherwise, September Mourning (Amos’ Southend)
    Las Vegas’ Otherwise explore plaintive post-grunge and aggressive hard rock.
  • NO FUTURE Residency: Aloha Broha, Duckbeak, DJs Fat Keith Richards, KK & StewDoggy (Snug Harbor)
    Aloha Broha play fractured punk and ska-inflected pop.
  • Crumbsnatchers, Fortezza, Jordyn Zaino (Evening Muse)
    Fortezza combines influences ranging from garage punk to avant-garde jazz.
  • Petrov, House & Home, Suntitle, Woah (The Milestone)
    Charlotte’s Petrov pairs careening post-punk guitars and soaring pop melodies with unmatched passion.


  • Eric Hutchinson (Neighborhood Theatre)
    Eric Hutchinson plays introspective, and jazz-tinged music that weighs happiness against sadness.


  • Tyra Scott (Middle C Jazz)
    Tyra Scott sings Natalie Cole.



  • Okkervil River, Damien Jurado (Neighborhood Theatre)
    Texas-based indie rockers take their name from a Russian short story.
  • Moa, Modern Moxie, Kadey Ballard (Visulite)
    Moa weaves a velvety shroud of keyboards, evoking haunted music-box melodies.
  • Kristen Ford, Sail The Rain, The Whiskey Predicament (The Milestone)
    The Whiskey Predicament is a one-man band consisting of CLT singer-songwriter-guitarist Nate Fey.
  • SHIPROCKED! (Snug Harbor)
    A “night of 1,000 Bowies.”


  • MC Lars, MC Frontalot, Schaffer the Darklord, Mega Ran (Amos’ Southend)
    Mega Ran’s album Live 95 combines autobiographical narratives and hard-hitting messages.
  • Celeste Moonchild, Chocolate Kendy, Jashanta, Sidenote (Petra’s)
    Neo-soul artist Celeste Moonchild keeps it funky with strong jazz and hip-hop influences.


  • Leslie Mendelson, Casey Noel (Evening Muse)
    Mendelson is an artist boasting a loyal audience ready to embrace the ethos of the urban hippie.
  • Brooks & Dunn (PNC Music Pavilion)
    The kings of the 1990s line-dancing craze keep boot scooting and boogeying in the not-so-new millennium.
  • Time Sawyer (US National Whitewater Center)
    Time Sawyer propel their version of eclectic folk rock with some of the finest songwriting in the region.



  • Goodnight Texas (Visulite)
    Goodnight Texas exists at the windblown crossroads of blues, folk, country and rock.
  • The Bones of J.R. Jones (Evening Muse)
    Jones weaves his own tapestry of American roots music, a classic sound for the modern world.


  • Bella Poarch and Sub Urban (Underground)
    Filipina-American pop singer and TikTok star Bella Poarch teams with producer Sub Urban.
  • The 502s (Evening Muse)
    Five-piece indie-folk band The 502s are a self-described ray of Florida sunshine (minus the COVID).
  • Gustaf, Patois Counselors, Heavy Liquid (Snug Harbor)
    Psychedelic art punks Gustaf frequently indulge in crude comedy.
  • Rebelution (CMCU Amphitheatre)
    Rebelution play an amalgam of pop-tinged reggae, breezy alt-rock, and groove-laden hip-hop.


  • Jonathan McReynolds, Mali Music (Neighborhood Theatre)
    Jonathan McReynolds is an award-winning gospel artist.
  • Stitchy C, Jones McShine, Poetic Met, Rashaddre (The Milestone)
    This massive and eclectic hip-hop show also features other rappers not included above.
  • AKITA, Folk Rap Band, Chad Andrew Harris & The Blue Herons (Tommy’s Pub)
    FRB features laid-back slinky grooves, curls of honey-toned guitar, bouncing bass and jazzy hip-hop drums.


  • Ziad Jazz Quartet (Bechtler Museum)
    The Ziad Jazz Quartet explores the great jazz pianists.



  • Dylan LeBlanc, The Jenkins Twins (Evening Muse)
    LeBlanc’s new record Renegade is intense rock ‘n’ roll, the culmination of a decade on the road.
  • Cosmic Collective Leone, iRa evRywhR (Snug Harbor)
    Cosmic Collective is a mutable, genre-bending jazz ensemble.
  • Bob Fleming & Cambria Iron Co., Mahto & The Loose Balloons, Merit Badge (Petra’s)
    Bob Fleming & Cambria Iron Co. are purveyors of gritty Southern rock ‘n’ roll.


  • The Pinkerton Raid, Sway in the Trees (Evening Muse)
    The Pinkerton Raid pushes at the borders of folk, Americana and indie rock.


  • Justin-Lee Shultz (Middle C Jazz)
    Fourteen-year-old keyboardist and jazz prodigy Justin-Lee Shultz graces the Middle C Jazz stage.



  • School of Rock Cornelius Showcase (Amos’ Southend)
    The program features six bands of youths from three performance programs.
  • Fozzy (Underground)
    Supposedly long-lost metal pioneers, Fozzy is actually WWF wrestler Chris Jericho fronting Atlanta rap-metal outfit Stuck Mojo.
  • The Coursing, Neverfall, Detest The Throne, Half L1fe (The Milestone)
    A confluence of various metal and noise subgenres.


  • Gaelic Storm (Neighborhood Theatre)
    A multi-national Gaelic vocal juggernaut.


  • Moneybagg Yo (Fillmore)
    Memphis rapper Moneybagg Yo brings grit and menace to his rhymes about street life.



  • Thrice (Fillmore)
    Orange County post-hardcore outfit Thrice have dropped five consecutive indie top five releases.
  • Great Wide Nothing, Duckbeak, Bhava, Earth That Was (The Milestone)
    Charlotte sci-fi rock duo Earth That Was share a bill with Queen City emo psych rockers Bhava.


  • The Bill Hanna Legacy Jazz Session (Petra’s)
    A rotating crew of top jazz players pay tribute to Charlotte’s godfather of jazz.


  • Boldy James, jaH-Monte Ogbon (Snug Harbor)
    Detroit rapper Boldy James specializes in spare, melancholy and psychedelic storytelling.



  • Jackie Venson (Evening Muse)
    Singer-songwriter Venson abandoned the straight-laced world of classical for the raw power of blues and soul.

To buy tickets or find more info on shows, visit the venue websites here:

Amos’ Southend; 1423 S. Tryon St.; 704-595-7585

Belk Theater; 130 N. Tryon St.; 704-372-1000

Bojangles’ Coliseum; 2700 E. Independence Blvd.; 704-372-3600

Brooklyn Lounge; 225 N. Caldwell St.; 704-941-1015

Comet Grill; 2224 Park Road; 704-371-4300

Coyote Joe’s; 4621 Wilkinson Blvd.; 704-399-4946

Crown Station; 3629 N. Davidson St.; 704-210-9949

Evening Muse; 3227 N. Davidson St., 704-376-3737

The Fat Parrots; 5416 Mount Holly-Huntersville Road; 704-394-7002

The Fillmore; 820 Hamilton St.; 704-916-8970

Free Range Brewing; 2320 N. Davidson St.; 980-201-9096

Hartlands Bar; 2260 Cross Pointe Drive #101, Rock Hill, SC; 803-329-1974

Hattie’s Tap & Tavern; 2918 The Plaza; 980-983-6228

Knight Gallery at Spirit Square; 345 N. College St.; 704-372-1000

Knight Theater; 430 S. Tryon St.; 704-372-1000

Lunchbox Records; 825 Central Ave.; 704-331-0788

McGlohon Theater; 345 N. College St.; 704-372-1000

Middle C Jazz; 300 S. Brevard St.; 704-337-8001

The Milestone Club; 3400 Tuckaseegee Road; 704-398-0472

Neighborhood Theatre; 511 E. 36th St.; 704-942-7997

Ovens Auditorium; 2700 E. Independence Blvd.; 704-372-3600

Petra’s; 1919 Commonwealth Ave.; 704-332-6608

Post Sports Bar & Grill; 4809 S. Tryon St.; 980-474-1297

Primal Brewery; 16432 Old Statesville Road, Huntersville; 704-947-2920

Rí Rá Irish Pub; 208 N. Tryon St.; 704-333-5554

SERJ; 2906 Central Ave.; 704-917-9308

Skylark Social Club; 2131 Central Ave.; 980-236-8342

Smokey Joe’s Café; 510 Briar Creek Road; 704-338-9380

Snug Harbor; 1228 Gordon St.; info@snugrock.com

Spectrum Center; 333 E. Trade St.; 704-688-9000

Stage Door Theater; 155 N. College St.; 704-372-1000

Tin Roof; 210 E. Trade St., Suite 286; 704-910-1330

Tommy’s Pub; 3124 Eastway Drive, Suite 710; 980-229-7663

Thomas Street Tavern; 1218 Thomas Ave.; 704-376-1622

The Underground; 820 Hamilton St.; 704-916-8970

Visulite Theatre; 1615 Elizabeth Ave.; 704-358-9200

World Nightclub; 900 NC Music Factory Blvd.; 980-207-2197

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