Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my event be visible?
Events submitted through this page, unless otherwise selected, will show in chronological order on our Charlotte Events page.


How soon will my event be published?
Events may go live as soon as the same day as submission, but organizers should allow for a 1-2 day grace period in publishing for any unforeseen circumstances.


Can I edit my listing later?
Yes. To make edits to your event listing, send a detailed email to  and we will issue your corrections right away.


What is the best photo to use as a featured image?
Any graphic or image related to your event. Files cannot exceed 5Mb. Organic photos with no text overlay will perform the best.


How should I enter dates and times for my event?
List all dates or a range of dates that your event is occurring. Same goes for the time entry. If you need a more detailed date and time listing, please email  after submitting your event.


Can I pay with PayPal?
Currently we are not accepting PayPal transactions for our event listing.

Have your event listed in our Featured Event section
Featured events live at the top of our events page in a special section until the end of your event. Select the featured event add-on when making your payment to have your event listed as a feature.


Have your event featured in our email newsletter
The Nerve-letter goes out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to over 20,000 Charlotteans looking for local information and fun happenings around the city. To have your event featured in our email newsletter select the newsletter add-on when making your payment. We will contact you to schedule a date for your event promotion to run.

Event Details

Use just a couple of sentences to describe your event, including any offers or codes.
Enter the date(s) when your event will occur.
Enter the times(s) when your event will occur.
Please enter the event venue and/or address of your event.
Leave blank to hide the field. Enter a 0 for events that are free.
Photos preferred. Graphics and images should be horizontal. .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG files preferred. Maximum size upload: 5MB. Image size: 300 x 200px (3:2)

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