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Queen City Nerve wants to partner with you, the reader.

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached Charlotte in March 2020, we began thinking of ways to reach our readers who could no longer pick up our paper at their favorite hangout. That’s why we began home delivery with our March 25 issue. The response has been overwhelming, and we appreciate every person who has shown us love during this process.

However, it costs us a pretty penny to make sure folks still have access to our print edition, and these trying times have hit us just as hard as many of our fellow local businesses, so we’re asking that you continue to support local journalism. We still believe wholeheartedly in a “free press” in both of its meanings, but we’re going to need your help in keeping this mission going by helping with our production and shipping costs. 

We are transitioning our home delivery offer to a paid subscription model.

This is not a donation, but a service in which you will receive mailed copies of our newest issues and back issues that you can order on demand. But wait … there’s more! We are partnering with local venues, restaurants and cultural organizations to bring our loyal readers exclusive offers as Queen City Nerve subscribers. 

Stay informed with Charlotte’s alternative newspaper!



Queen City Nerve features long-form stories on local music, art, food, and enterprise news reporting, including COVID-19 coverage on at-risk populations. We’re also Charlotte’s go-to for event listings and more.

Queen City Nerve is a biweekly publication based in Charlotte, N.C. and owned by a couple of locals who call this beautiful city home – and we want to share it with you!







A Queen City Nerve subscription comes with first dibs on promotional deals from partners at local music venues, restaurants, sports teams and others, and the deals are delivered right to your email at the beginning of each month. You also get first pick at our annual events like the South End Oktoberfest or our annual Vodka Masters series!

We produce 26 issues annually that include local business advertisements, the best crossword puzzle in the city and lifestyle columns you can relate to.


For questions related to your subscription, please contact us at info@qcnerve.com

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