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Teddy Swims Sells His Soul at The Fillmore

The Fillmore; Oct. 1, 2023

Teddy Swims performs at The Fillmore on Oct. 1. (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

Haven’t heard of Teddy Swims yet? Better jump on the bandwagon soon because the 31-year-old soul/R&B singer is blowing up the airwaves these days.

His popularity started with a series of cover songs posted online, but his recent single “Lose Control,” is all over SiriusXM radio. Now touring in support of his debut album, I’ve Tried Everything But Therapy (Part 1), Swims performed a sold-out Charlotte show at The Fillmore on Sunday night.

Teddy Swims performs at The Fillmore on Oct. 1. (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

The packed Music Factory venue might have been the most diverse crowd I’ve seen at a Charlotte show in years — kids, couples, parents, and grandparents; it looked like a microcosm of the city as a whole. And Teddy Swims didn’t disappoint.

The high-energy performer rarely stood still and let his vocal range shine, from an early cover of “Don’t Stop Believing” to the previously mentioned hit single to the two-song encore that completed his 20-song setlist.

Swimming in a sea of tattoos from his head to his toes (well, he was wearing socks sans shoes on stage), Swims has performed on TV talk and late-night shows a handful of times over the past two years, but his popularity seems to be hitting a fever pitch in the last few months.

Teddy Swims onstage at Fillmore
Teddy Swims performs at The Fillmore on Oct. 1. (Photo by Jeff Hahne)

He’s performing around the world and collaborating with numerous artists and you can rest assured that the next time he’s in town it will be in a larger venue.

Teddy Swims setlist
Don’t Stop Believing
Til I Change Your Mind
What More Can I Say
Love for a Minute
Someone Who Loved You
The Plan
Lose Control
Simple Things
You’re Still the One
Last Communion
All That Really Matters

The Door
Bed On Fire

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