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The Scanner: Peach Seizin’

PEACHES FOR ME A 63-year-old Cotswold man filed a police report last week after he found that someone had been slowly pilfering peaches from his yard over the span of a week. The man told officers that between July 2 and 8, an unknown suspect had stolen 30 peaches from a tree on his property on Wright Avenue.

STUCK WITH YOU July 4th weekend is one of the busiest travel holidays of the year, and that can take its toll on people, leading them to act out of character — or perhaps just show who they are behind closed doors. Police responded to a security checkpoint at Charlotte Douglas International Airport on the Saturday following July 4 after two family members got into an argument about their travel plans. Though no assault occurred — nor did either person claim that one did — the bickering was heated enough that TSA agents felt they needed police assistance. In the end, according to the report, “both parties decided to separate and wait for other travel arrangements to be made.” In an unrelated incident on the same day, officers at Gate B12 cited a Maryland woman who apparently “breached a secure door” and found herself out on the ramp, hanging out with the airplanes.

IT ADDS CHARACTER Maybe it’s due to the popularity of true crime documentaries and podcasts, but one incident that’s been popping up in The Scanner a lot this year has involved potential crime scenes discovered by unsuspecting citizens who turned into McGruff the Crime Dog. One woman rented a room at a Budget Inn in north Charlotte recently and quickly informed staff that she found what she believed to be blood spatter on the walls and requested a room change.

FENG SHUI A 68-year-old east Charlotte woman filed a report after something even more creepy happened in her home — and it happened continuously. Officers responded to the woman’s home in reference to a call about a disturbance, only to find a disturbance of the supernatural type. The woman told officers that “unknown people are entering her residence and moving various items around” in the home.

BOLD MOVE Security officers at a Walmart on East Independence Boulevard were onto two suspicious characters as soon as they walked in on a recent Monday afternoon, but the suspects still went ahead with their sketchy plans. According to the report, the two suspects came into the store and began filling a tub with random items that in the end were found to total more than $250. The guys then paid for the tub in self checkout, but didn’t pay for the hundreds of dollars of merchandise they had inside. When security confronted the men at the door and asked for receipts, the two guys didn’t panic. They said that wasn’t a problem, they just had to go over to customer service and get the receipts. The officers should have stuck with them, because when the brazen duo arrived at customer service, they actually returned the items in the tub, as if they had bought them on some past excursion, and received gift cards for them. Security eventually became hip to how the two had tried to swindle the store again and called police. Upon a search by police, the men were found to be in possession of MDMA, which might explain their unbridled confidence.

LOW ON DATA A 53-year-old man fell victim to a scamming solicitor in his northeast Charlotte neighborhood recently. The man told officers that the suspect came to his home and told him he was a Spectrum employee and he could quickly make the man’s internet move faster for only $500 — if he paid in Google Play cards, of course (the sign of any scam). The man agreed and watched the guy play around with his router for a while, and only two hours later when his internet showed zero improvement did he realize he had been tricked.

POWERLESS A 35-year-old east Charlotte woman was put out recently she lost power and had to live elsewhere while it got fixed. Some sneaky suspect, however, decided that her loss was their gain. The woman told police that she left the home for three days in late June while the power was put back on, and during that time, someone broke in and cleaned her out, stealing two televisions, a Michael Kors watch worth nearly $2,000, a Macbook Pro, an iPad, a PlayStation 4, a pair of Jordan sneakers worth more than $1,000 and some jewelry.

All Scanner entries come from CMPD reports. Suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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