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The Seeker: A Visit to Mecklenburg’s First Tachyon Chamber

The happiness particle

Katie Grant looks ahead and smiles
Katie Grant, The Seeker. (Photo by Lauren Mazzella)

I discovered the practice of meditating in my late twenties, around the same time frame that I learned yoga. A centuries-old technique, meditation is now primarily used for stress reduction, which is why it appeals to me. Life is a lot, y’all! 

Since I’ve been trudging my way through a master’s program, I often make excuses not to meditate — I’m too busy, my head hurts, or some other feeble reason. However, what lies at the heart of these evasions are the actual reasons I should meditate! Meditation is what will bestow the tranquility my brain and body so desperately need. It allows my mind to focus on one thing, or “one-pointed attention.” This concept is an aspect of Dharana, the sixth limb of the eight-limb path of yoga. Dharana refers to the “immovable concentration of the mind.” 

Overcoming my excuses and needing an energetic reset, I booked a tachyon chamber meditation session at TorchBearer in Cornelius. Unfamiliar with the concept of tachyon energy, I did a little reading before my trip to the tachyon chamber so as to better understand what it is and what I should expect during my visit.

Tachyon energy is considered a new holistic form of healing based on physics and the studies of Nikola Tesla. There is even a Tesla quote on the TorchBearer website: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” 

According to Natural Awakenings magazine, around 6,000 years ago, the Vedic religion named tachyon particles mondajava, or ”the stuff the gods are made of.” Apparently, tachyons are “subatomic particles that travel faster than the speed of light,” but I am no quantum physicist so a lot of this I don’t understand. However, the more I read about tachyon chamber meditation, the more I decided it was something I could get with! 

According to the TorchBearer website, the tachyon chamber helps the guest achieve a meditative state faster and more profoundly. I looked forward to trying something new for a meditative reset. I started with the 44-minute chamber experience (there are also 66-minute and 88-minute experiences available, but as a novice, I thought it best to wade in slowly). Tachyons are the highest frequency particles that can be combined with matter. Nothing harmful, unhealthy, or unnatural can co-exist in the presence of tachyon particles.

Upon arrival, I met TorchBearer co-owner Adrienne Craighead, who opened the facility in Cornelius this summer. It’s the first facility of its kind in the Charlotte area. 

Adrienne gave me a quick tour of the facility, which also houses other healers like massage therapists. She then guided me to the tachyon chamber. She explained that the chamber neutralizes ​the adverse effects of harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) within and around our bodies and helps guests achieve theta brainwaves — the deepest and slowest conscious waves Tibetan monks practice for years to master.

Adrienne helped me settle into a comfortable reclining chair in the middle of the room, surrounded by six clear 8-inch diameter spheres (reminiscent of the crystal ball from The Wizard of Oz) supported by stands engraved with sacred geometric designs. Above the chair hung what is called the pyramid centerpiece. It is constructed of a specialized alloy that holds tachyon at its greatest concentration and features more geometric designs. I learned the spheres respond to the pyramid and sacred geometry through the “streaming portal” pattern. Adrienne then handed me two meditation rods to hold in each hand.

Once the lights were turned off and Adrienne stepped out, the chamber definitely evoked a restful atmosphere; I felt I could have fallen asleep if I had extended my meditation session any longer! Besides the ethereal music that flowed through the noise-canceling headphones, no electronic technology was involved. I relaxed into the reclined chair enveloped by a blanket and a tachyonized eye mask. Embarking on my meditation journey, I felt a low vibration humming, starting with my hands and coursing up my arms, and it remained present throughout the whole 44-minute session. 

While it is difficult to claim that an individual session was life-changing, I plan to continue visiting the tachyon chamber as part of my overall health and wellness plan. And for those interested in experiencing the space on your own, I recommend not having plans after your meditation session. This will allow your mind and body to absorb the benefits and not feel rushed to move on to the next part of your day.

If I could turn back the clock and redo my meditation session, I would have explored the tachyon chamber on a day in which I wasn’t addled by work stress or the pressure of time constraints like meeting friends for dinner. Again, life is a lot! 

What I can say is that I exited the chamber with a restored sense of tranquility, which makes sense because tachyons are also called “happiness particles.” The Queen City is fortunate to have such a unique healing opportunity at its fingertips.

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  1. It was an honor to host you Katie Grant – and we welcome other curious seekers to book an initial session this fall at half price to try it out.

    Simply use promocode AC50 to access the 50% off discount on the website’s booking calendar . . . But act quickly as there are only a handful of these offers available between now and the end of the year. . .

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