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Kapha Season is a Time for Giving Thanks, Birth Charts and The Teal Turnip

Harnessing astrology's strength by setting goals

Katie Grant looks over her shoulder and smiles
Katie Grant touches on birth charts, reflection and a visit to The Teal Turnip in the latest Seeker. (Photo by Moving Mountains Studios)

As the penultimate month of the year, November unfolds as the perfect blend of autumn and winter, wrapped up in a blanket of shorter days and chilly nights. It marks a transition from the vibrant colors of fall to the stillness of winter.

These changes don’t necessarily prescribe to specific calendar dates, however. It’s the subtle changes in the atmosphere that affect our energies that may not always be at the forefront of our thoughts.

According to Ayurveda, this time of year is known as Kapha season, a period characterized by specific qualities in the air, such as increased moisture and cooler temperatures. These changes have a profound impact on our energy, making it the ideal time for reflection and intentional goal-setting.

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to let our goals slip from the forefront of our thoughts.

This is a call for reflection; take a moment to recall the beginning of the year when we were collectively resolute in accomplishing certain things — whether tangible like a degree or something more conceptual like a word or feeling.

As an illustration, my chosen “Word of the Year” for 2023 was “peace.” However, it’s darkly humorous to notice that almost everything I’ve encountered in the past 11 months seemed the opposite.

This year has been marred by significant adversities, including my mother’s passing, the painful separation of our closest friends, and the far-reaching consequences that accompanied each life even — think resurfacing familial tensions to the sound of our close-knit friend group splintering.

This is why, as November arrives, I pause, reflect, and re-align my goals with my workflow, lifestyle, values and vision.

In the quest for intentional goal-setting, I found myself exploring the concept with Meagan Dunham, a local intuitive coach who specializes in aligning individuals with their unique “energetic signature.”

Meagan’s approach to goal-setting is individual and holistic. She helps her clients set “strategic, actionable goals through the power of Astrology, Ayurveda, and Human Design.” This multi-faceted approach considers not only the external factors influencing our lives — like the changing of the seasons — but also our internal energies and tendencies.

For our first virtual session, I arrived prepared with my birth chart (I use the paid feature from the Moonly app and Co-Star, but others are available).

Because each of our birth charts are unique, like fingerprints, Meagan helps clients harness their respective traits to enhance their natural abilities.

In astrological terms, she walked me through identifying the Second House of my birth chart, which is related to personal finances, material possessions and the concept of value. Next, we located Mars, which represents the things that get you motivated and how you take action.

What I came for was learning about my work ethic and how I set long-term goals. This is represented by Saturn, which, for me, is in Libra. Supposedly, this means I am diplomatic and work well with others.

Libra represents a balanced scale, which aligns with my overarching goal of achieving peace. One of my health goals this year has been to drink less alcohol, particularly during the week.

Yes, part of my reasoning was to consume fewer calories, but also for mental health. I am one of those people who suffer from anxiety after drinking alcohol, which I simply do not have time for in the office.

Yet as much as I would love to have participated in Sober October as an end-of-year reset, it’s simply not feasible due to my husband’s birthday. Our lives revolve around the three Fs: friends, family, and food.

And what compliments seasonal food? Wine, beer, and cocktails, oh my!

In a city of ever-expanding gastronomical choices, it can feel overwhelming when choosing a restaurant for a large group birthday celebration. But once we learned about The Teal Turnip — a female-owned restaurant in southeast Charlotte’s Oakhurst neighborhood — it was an easy choice.

What drew us there is partly due to their mission: minimizing food waste, encouraging composting and recycling, seasonal and local farming, and feeding homeless neighbors. Another fun fact: They are a child-free establishment!

Our nine-course dinner included house-ground brisket meatballs, which the chef took the time to educate us on their process. Instead of making a fatty meatball or tossing the trimmed fat, they freeze it. From there, they transform it into soap, gifting unexpecting guests a take-home item for later use.

I’m sure the process is much more complicated, so I am simplifying for readability.

We learned they focus on sustainability in other ways, too, such as composting all food scraps, including guest waste, and recycling as much packaging as Mecklenburg County will take.

The restaurant also partners with Block Love CLT to feed the homeless with catering leftovers — actions aligning with the mission.

In conclusion, November serves not just as a bridge between fall and winter but also as a time for reflection and connection. As we set year-end career goals, we must identify what matters to us individually because it’s not one-size-fits-all.

Pinpoint the long-term vision, identify quantifiable goals to help you get there, and surround yourself with people who share the same values along your journey — even if it sometimes means losing contact with some along the way.

It’s as simple as that; growth can sometimes look like letting go.

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