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New Tryon Women’s Center to Focus on Sexual Health, Menopause Care

Dr. Alyse Kelly-Jones, known for popular TEDx Talk, is center's newest addition

A woman in a white lab coat and wearing a COVID mask speaks to another woman also in normal clothes and also wearing a COVID mask in a room at Tryon Women's Center
Dr. Jennie Jarvis Hauschka, MD (left), currently runs the gynecology department at Tryon Women’s Center. (Photo by Hailey Knutsen)

The newly opened Tryon Women’s Center announced the addition of popular sex-positive gynecologist Dr. Alyse Kelly-Jones with a goal of expanding the center’s focus on women’s sexual health. 

Kelly-Jones will join the new Tryon Women’s Center, which opened on Jan. 9, in April following the closure of her current practice, Novant Health’s Women’s Sexual Health & Wellness office, which she launched in March 2020. 

The addition of Kelly-Jones, along with family nurse practitioners Kylie Cajka and Lindsey Mosley, will expand Tryon Women’s Center’s gynecology department, with Kelly-Jones working to help women struggling with sexual dysfunction, especially low libido and painful sex. 

Kelly-Jones garnered national attention in 2017 with her TEDx Talk, titled “Shed Sexual Shame (And Your Clothes Along The Way).” She has also been featured in O Magazine, Self, and Women’s Health. 


Before Novant announced the closure of her current practice, Kelly-Jones said she was motivated by seeing just how needed her services were, bringing on Cajka and Mosley to help handle the overwhelming demand. 

“They came in droves and that’s why, during a pandemic, I had to hire not one but two nurse practitioners to handle the volume of patients we received,” she told Queen City Nerve. “So that led us to understand that this is a service that women want.” 

Tryon Women’s Center’s gynecology department is currently run by Dr. Jennie Jarvis Hauschka, along with a team of accomplished MDs — Erin Stone, Philomena Salvemini Hilton, and T. Christopher Morris — all of whom were familiar with Kelly-Jones’ work.

“We’ve all known each other for our entire careers and have been in Charlotte for our entire careers,” Hauschka said. “We just decided this would be the perfect team of people to accomplish the goals we want.”

A group of three women pose for a photo, smiling for the camera
Members of the Tryon Women’s Center gynecology team (from left): Dr. Jennie Jarvis Hauschka, Philomena Salvemini Hilton, and Erin Stone. (Photo courtesy of Tryon Medical Partners)

Hauschka and Kelly-Jones agreed that the goal of the Tryon Women’s Center practice is to offer women quality care throughout their lifetime, not just pregnancy. The center does not offer obstetrics — health care related to childbirth — instead choosing to focus on issues like sexual health, family planning and menopause care.

Along with breast health, the center offers services related to abnormal Pap smears, HPV infection and vaccination, vaginal infections, sexually-transmitted infections, heavy and/or painful periods, post menopausal bleeding, ovarian cysts, pelvic pain, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, painful intercourse, low libido, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness.

“Many women go untreated for the menopause symptoms. They are actually dismissed. They’re told that their problems are really not that big a deal, and it’s just part of normal life, which is absolutely not true,” Kelly-Jones said. “Then add onto that the possibility that a woman would have a sexual functioning issue, which is so low on the totem pole as something to tackle, but what I think we’re about is tackling all of that.”

Located at 330 Billingsley Road, Suite 100, the Tryon Women’s Center will hold an open house for those in search of inclusive, judgment-free care to meet providers on March 7 from 6-7:30 p.m. 

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