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Twenty One Pilots Set Spectrum Aflame

(Photo by Cozette Mitchem)

It’s been a couple of years since Twenty One Pilots last hit Charlotte, but the band made its triumphant return on the sold-out Bandito tour June 12 at Spectrum Center. Before the band hit the stage, flashing yellow lights sparkled across the arena, illuminating a crowd of all ages dressed in black, wrapped in yellow tape and donning beanies and masks to pay homage to their heroes.

With every shift in the black curtain that shrouded the stage there were screams, which turned into a deafening roar from every corner of the arena as the curtain was ripped aside and the fantastical show began.
From the start, it’s easy to see why the Pilots have managed to connect so closely with its fans. The twosome managed to turn their own feelings of frustration and fear about life into a genre-bending mashup of musical styles that connects with people all over the world. With every move, the crowd reacted, eating out of the palm of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun’s hands.

The band was literally on fire, with Joseph wearing a black ski mask and silently carrying a flaming torch across the stage, using it to ignite a burned-out car before he and Dun launched full-speed into a raging 23-song set that touched on fan favorites and deep cuts from every album. Joseph stood atop the flaming car as they hit the crowd hard with “Jumpsuit,” barely stopping to breathe as they tore through song after song.

Twenty One Pilots have always been known for their musical finesse but seeing them live is truly a spectacle. They know how to perfectly layer theatrics with the emotion in their songs and understand how to effective a good light show can be if it’s done right. It’s hard to look away even for a moment, whether during the over-the-top lighting and lasers they use for “Fairly Local” or to the more subtle flickering pin lights gracefully twirling above Joseph as he took to the piano to strip down their famous songs.
By the time the more than two-hour set ended, the crowd was raging for more. Theirs is not a show to be missed, and if you have the chance to check them out in the future: take it.
Josh Dun (Left) and Tyler Joseph. (Photo courtesy of Fueled by Ramen)


Fairly Local
Stressed Out
We Don’t Believe What’s on TV
The Hype
Lane Boy
Nico and the Niners

Neon Gravestones
Pet Cheetah
Holding on to You
Cut My Lip
My Blood
Car Radio


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