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VIDEO: HeroesCon Raises the Bar in Parkinson’s Fight

Queen City Nerve was there at HeroesCon on Saturday, June 15, to capture the fun and emotion involved in Saturday night’s art auction of the convention.

Saturday came on the heels of the annual Friday night Drink and Draw, where artists hang out and sketch small pieces of art, selling them to fans hanging out at the informal event. The Drink and Draw raises money for Team Cul de Sac and the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which work together to fight Parkinson’s disease.

Over the last nine years, the Drink and Draw has raised around $75,000 to go toward Parkinson’s research, with about $12,000 of that coming in over this past weekend. A Charles Vess Earthsea cover art piece that was donated to Drink and Draw was sold the next night at the auction for $3,000, with proceeds going to Team Cul de Sac.

Much of the Saturday auction funds go toward the immense cost of hosting the convention, including the cost of renting out the Charlotte Convention Center, paying security, flying out artists and more. A few pieces that went for the highest bids on Saturday — including a signed-and-sketched artist edition book by Jack Price and a Rich Tommaso original art page — will go to indie artist Patrick Dean, a friend of convention organizers who is suffering from ALS. Organizers also hosted a smaller auction for Dean on Sunday.

Nerve contributor Grant Baldwin was on hand to capture images from the Saturday auction. He also shot and edited the video above.

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