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Final Round of Voting: Best in the Nest

Vote for the best of everything in Charlotte


The readers have selected their nominees for all of the best things in Charlotte in the year 2020! Now is the time to narrow it down to our winners. Scroll through our 255 categories and make your decision for the top dog from Food & drink to Arts & Entertainment and everything in between.

After you have cast your votes, be sure to share with your friends and mark your calendars for December 2 when our 2020 Best in the Nest issue hits the streets. It will be filled with all of the winners and then mirrored with our Critics’ Picks of everything we think you should know about.

While you wait, check out last year’s winners here and if you’re feeling so inclined, our print subscribers will be receiving a special edition of this annual award issue in the mail, and if you want in on the fun consider creating a print subscription and get every copy of Queen City Nerve delivered straight to your home!

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